coffeeNo doubt that coffee is one of the most popular and most consumed drinks on earth. Many of us can not imagine a good start of their day without a cup of fresh and energizing cup of this amazing drink. Most of those who work in the offices drink several cups of coffee during the day. As coffee is a powerful source of caffeine, there is a certain controversy over coffee consumption, health benefits of coffee and possible side effects of drinking coffee on an everyday basis. At the same time, most of the specialists say that drinking 1-2 cups of coffee a day can be really useful and can have a great number of therapeutic effects.

It is a known fact that if consumed in small or moderate amounts, caffeine and coffee can help us focus and get concentrated on something, promotes alertness and so on. According to the specialists from Mayo Clinic, moderate doses of caffeine do not exceed 300 mg a day, meaning 3 usual cups of coffee a day. The studies carried out by the researchers at the University of Miami’s Cosmetic Center and Cosmetic Medicine & Research Institute have shown that coffee can help improve the strength of our blood vessels and can be used as a support for skin care. Also, the scientists found out that regular consumption of coffee is linked to better brain function and less chances to develop memory loss.

health benefits of coffeeIn addition, as one of the studies published in Annals of Internal Medicine says, drinking coffee can be very useful for women. For many years a group of American specialists was studying medical histories and analyzing the current condition of more than 84 thousand women and 42 thousand men, all with different preferences and coffee drinking habits. The causes and specifics of death were investigated thoroughly, in order to receive a picture of how coffee consumption is linked to longevity of today’s people.

It turned out that those who used to drinking two cups of caffeinated coffee a day had substantially lower risks of type 2 diabetes. At that, the risks of having this disease were higher in women than in men. At the same time, the scientists found out that the women, who drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day have 25% lower risks to die from heart disease, and 18% lower chances to die from other serious diseases like a stroke, liver problems or cancer (compared to those who do not drink coffee at all). Surprisingly, there were no such risk reduction tendencies found in men. Drink a cup of this great beverage in the morning and in the afternoon, and enjoy the above mentioned important health benefits of coffee!

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