blueberriesA new “old” trend among chronic weight loss maniacs has been recently initiated by American scientists. Why is it an old trend? Because the properties of blueberries to stimulate metabolism and speed up fat burning are very well known. However, the new study findings were published suggesting that blueberries have absolutely unique and very powerful abilities to assist breaking already existing fat cells. Moreover, it can assist in killing up to three quarter of total number of the fat cells in the body.

Health benefits of blueberries go much beyond their being effective for weight loss. These fruits are known as excellent anti stress foods, a great natural protection against such diseases as heart attack, atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, because blueberries considered great natural foods for brain. These properties are mainly derived from natural substances called polyphenols which can be found in blueberries in really large amounts.

health benefits of blueberriesThe experiments took place in Texas Woman’s University in Denton and involve researching the effects of the polyphenols in the berries on tissue samples taken from mice. The rodent were given various doses of polyphenols found in blueberries, and as a result, in some cases, lipid content in the tissues was reduced up to 73%, and the lowest fat reduction was 27%.

Though many specialists claim that a lot of further studies are necessary to prove that blueberry consumption can really be linked to such great effects, the results were presented in many official meetings including the American Society for Nutrition’s Experimental Biology 2011 meeting. And the authors of the study are convinced that the found health benefits of blueberries have a great potential for slowing down and preventing obesity on molecular level. Shiwani Moghe, a study leader says: “The promise is there for blueberries to help reduce fat tissue from forming in the body.”


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