mullein health benefitsMullein is one of the most known medicinal herbs which is sometimes called flannel plant or velvet plant as it has soft and velvety texture. It has about 200 species and grows throughout Europe, the Middle East and the United States, especially the Western mountain areas. The main season to harvest this bi-annual plant is from June to September. For thousands of years this plant and various herbal remedies with this natural ingredient have been used to treat respiratory problems and to enjoy other health benefits of mullein. It is usually consumed in the form of herbal tea, and other herbal preparations involving mullein are decocts, tinctures, syrups and so on.

Common mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is the main representative of this family, a known herbal remedy to treat a great deal of ailments and diseases. This herb contains good amounts of tannins and flavonoids, that is why mullein tea can be used for it excellent antioxidant properties. Other mullein health benefits include very powerful expectorant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antihistaminic, emollient, calming, sedative and other therapeutic effects. health benefits of mulleinFolk medicines of many nations in Northern Hemisphere offer mullein tea as an effective natural remedy for digestive disorders, as well as for dry coughs, sore throat, inflammations in the trachea, and other symptoms of respiratory diseases. In particular, mullein infusion can be used as a gargle, or just like herbal tea.

This natural remedy can be of a great help for relieving the symptoms of asthma, hoarseness, stomach aches, intestinal inflammations, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, constipation and other health conditions. Mullein decoct can be recommended for topical application for those who suffer from various types of skin inflammations, as well as burns, cuts, furunculosis and so on. Besides, when used externally mullein infusion can provide such therapeutic effects like soothing joint and muscle pains, removing swellings and inflammation related to arthritis and similar type of diseases. Anti-inflammatory health benefits of mullein can assist in combating many bladder infections and dysfunctions, including cystitis and others.

A slight anesthetic and very strong sedative actions of mullein can be used to relieve various types of pains, including menstrual pains and cramps. Due to sedative and calming healing properties, health benefits of mullein include preventing nervous tension, apathy, insomnia, anxiety and other symptoms of chronic stresses. A cup of fresh mullein tea before going to bed can be a perfect natural solution to induce sleep. Combined with olive oil, mullein infusion is reported to be a great remedy for ear aches. Taking mullein tea and other herbal remedies with mullein can be very beneficial, however, prior to starting any sort of therapy involving this medicinal plant, be sure that you do not have sensitivity to its ingredients, otherwise side effects like skin rushes or inflammation may show. Talk to your health care specialist before using any new herbal remedy or natural treatment.

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