Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) also known as Yellow root, Orange root, eyebalm or Wild curcuma, is a small perennial herb which can be found in southeastern Canada and northeastern US. From the historical perspective, goldenseal was among the earliest known cures for cancer used by the Cherokees. Nowadays, thick well-developed root of this medicinal plant is widely utilized as a multi-purposed remedy for many health conditions and ailments.

First of all, goldenseal root benefits include excellent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, emenagogue, relaxing, calming and anticatarrhal properties of this plant. This herb is known as one of the best natural detoxification stimulants as it can very effectively stimulate fluid elimination, assist in toxin and waste removal on cellular levels, help to get rid of swellings and (by stimulating detoxification) lower the risks of many diseases and illnesses. Besides, goldenseal root is considered an effective natural antibiotic and the properties of this herbal remedy to fight various viral infections is among the most important health benefits of goldenseal root.

Health Benefits of Goldenseal RootIt is interesting that goldenseal root is very often used in combination with other common herbal remedies. This way it is possible to strengthen therapeutic powers and even enlarge the long list of goldenseal root benefits. In particular, if used in conjunction with echinacea, it can be a very powerful treatment for bronchitis, stuffy nose, coughs and other common symptoms of colds, the flu and related respiratory diseases. Goldenseal root powder often plays a role as an ingredient of natural remedies of diarrhea, kidney problems, acid reflux and ear infections.

It is recommended to use goldenseal root infusions to those who suffer from psychological disorders, anxiety, increased negative effects of stresses and nervous tension. Health benefits of goldenseal root also include treating yeast infections, fungus, athlete’s foot, acne, insect bites, cuts, mouth ulcers and sores, etc. Finally, goldenseal root powder or extracts can be used to lower blood pressure, increase insulin production, strengthen blood vessels, lower the risks of internal bleeding and other numerous health conditions. Goldenseal root products should be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as by those who suffer from liver or kidney disease.

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