Castor Oil BenefitsCastor Oil is one of the most commonly used oils for skin and hair care. This oil is extracted from castor plant seeds (Ricinus Communis) that are harvested from large leafy plants with reddish or green beans that grow in tropical zones of the earth (mainly in India, Ethiopia, Brazil, The Mediterranean region, and even China). Castor oil comes as a slightly yellowish liquid with heavy earthy aroma, and this natural product has been used for many centuries to treat a wast variety of health conditions and ailments. In particular, health benefits of castor oil were well known in Ancient Egypt and Roman Empire. Besides, castor oil benefits and therapeutic properties have been mentioned in written works by Herodotus, a famous historian of Ancient Greece.

Castor oil is very rich in unsaturated fatty acids and natural anti-oxidants, and it is considered that the most of therapeutic benefits of castor oil are derived from very high concentrations of these elements. Castor oil can be used both externally and internally, as a poultice or a topical ointment. Health Benefits Of Castor OilAnti-inflammatory properties of this natural extract can assist everyone in treating and preventing a great deal of inflammations, starting from acne and other common skin infections and ending up with arthritis and rheumatism related conditions. Castor oil can also be recommended against yeast infections and Athlete’s foot. Externally, castor oil can be a great remedy for sunburn, swelling, dry and aging skin, as well as hair loss (castor oil is widely used for scalp massages).

This natural product can also be used orally in order to prevent and treat minor digestive problems, especially indigestion and constipation. Laxative castor oil benefits are considered among the most powerful in all natural extracts, and using a little of high quality castor oil can help effectively combat diarrhea and constipation. It was found out that castor oil is rich in undecylenic acid, a component that makes this natural remedy work great for such a problem as ringworms. Besides, health benefits of castor oil embrace immuno-stimulant properties, that is why using this oil can assist in preventing serious diseases like allergies, asthma, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, leukemia, and many others. Castor oil massages can be a great treatment for migraines and menstrual pains in women.

Finally, castor oil has got its place among the most effective essential oils for skin care. Acne, warts, stretch marks, cuts, dull skin, dark circles around eyes, abrasions, eczema, or dermatitis – those are just a few of skin conditions which can be successfully treated and prevented by applying this amazing product topically. Emollient health benefits of castor oil can be used by all of us to stimulate collagen production and make our skin look refreshed, moisturized, and much younger. Castor oil benefits include skin rejuvenating and repairing, that is why this natural extract is among the most popular ingredients of natural skin care and cosmetic products. Besides, it is quite commonly used in nail polish, soaps, massage oils, perfumes, textiles, and other consumer products. It is important for pregnant and breastfeeding women to keep away from castor oil, and those who are prone to allergic reactions should use this product with caution.

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