Benefits Of BreastfeedingAll new moms are very well aware about the benefits of breastfeeding. “Breast milk is widely acknowledged as the most complete form of nutrition for infants, with a range of benefits for infants’ health, growth, immunity and development,” an expert at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. Breast milk is an ideal mixture of nutrients, antibodies, enzymes, and all compounds necessary for normal growth and development of a baby. Researches have shown that there are numerous benefits of breastfeeding, both for babies and their moms. Breast-fed babies and kids have stronger immune system and less risks of suffering from many common diseases, compared to those babies who are fed with formulas. Moms who breastfed their babies also have lower chances to develop such health conditions as ovarian cancer, osteoporosis, obesity, etc.

According to the findings of a new study, breastfeeding for about a year or more can cut the risks of breast cancer in all today’s women, including those ones who have a family history of this serious disease. It is estimated that those women who have genetic predisposition to breast cancer have up to 75 per cent higher chances of developing this serious disease, but if such women go on feeding their babies for over a year, they can substantially lower their risks of breast cancer. Risks Of Breast CancerThis natural way can be very effective and help decrease the chances of developing breast cancer to a great extent. These findings were recently presented by a group of experts by the Women’s Research Institute in Ontario, Canada.

During the study, the scientists analyzed information on about 6,000 women including the ones without history of breast cancer in the family, as well as the women with the BRCA1 and the BRCA2 genes which increase the risks of breast cancer. At that, about 3,000 participants of the study were already diagnosed with this serious disease. It was found out that those women with breast cancer usually breastfed their babies for a shorter period of time (two months shorter on average). The scientists found out that in healthy women, breastfeeding the newborn baby for a year can decrease risks of breast cancer for 4.3 per cent, and in those women who have genetic predisposition to this disease breastfeeding for a year decreases the risks by 32 per cent, and breastfeeding for over two years can cut the risks even twice.

Many experts value the findings very highly and say that the discovered properties can be among the most important benefits of breastfeeding. Usually, those women who have increased risks of breast cancer choose to have a preventive surgery instead of living with a ticking bomb. Breastfeeding appeared to be a new factors and a good natural way to lower the risks of breast cancer. “These findings corroborate a protective role of breastfeeding on breast cancer risk for BRCA1. The lack of an association for BRCA2 mutation carriers suggests that the biological pathway for carcinogenesis is different for the two genes. Women with a BRCA mutation should be advised of the benefit of breastfeeding in terms of reducing breast cancer risk,” Dr Steven Narod, one of the study leaders, wrote about the findings of his scientific team mates.

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