BlossomHave you ever enjoyed amazing fragrance of Hawthorn blossom in the middle of May? Those beautiful white blossoms with mesmerizing glorious scent…

Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) is a mystic and miraculous tree, which is also known as the May-tree. It has special and sometimes absolutely controversial meanings in many cultures of the world. For some nations it symbolizes hope, and for other nations it symbolizes evil. For example, in Ancient Rome, Hawthorn blossom was a wedding flower and was used for decorative garlands. In ancient Greece, the blossom was a symbol of virginity and chastity. Christians take Hawthorn as a sacred plant which decorated Jesus Christ’s crown of thorns. However, in British folklore, there is a taboo on bringing Hawthorn blossom into the house since it was believed to bring sicknesses and death.

The products containing extracts of Hawthorn Berries are very popular in Europe and are commonly used to support the function of circulatory system. The herbal remedy originates from the Mediterranean region and Asia, where it has been used for centuries as an effective treatment for such health concerns as high blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, insomnia, atherosclerosis and so on. Hawthorn is also very popular herbal remedy in Northern regions since it can assist in relieving the symptoms of cold, angina, chest pains and other health problems common for the areas with low annual temperature.


According to the recent studies, Hawthorn Berries are perfect sources of Vitamins C and B, cratagolic and citric acids, flavonoids, tannins and carotene. Besides, Hawthorn fruit contain a lot of anti-oxidants which block free radicals, prevent cell damage and this way slow down aging processes in the tissues. Anthocyanidins and other phytonutrients containing in Hawthorn can strengthen the blood vessels, fasten oxygen utilization and metabolism in the heart muscle, as well as have positive effects on cardiovascular system in general and assist in treating any heart-related problem.

Specialists point on excellent antispasmodic, diuretic, cardiotonic, sedative and astringent properties of Hawthorn. This natural remedy can also aid your digestive system, relieve diarrhea, abdominal pains and food stagnation. Hawthorn products are especially recommended to aged people since Hawthorn can assist in preventing vascular insufficiency and formation of blood clots, lowering cholesterol and strengthening the heart muscle. However, drinking a cup of Hawthorn tea is extremely useful and relaxing for young people as well. You can prepare your own special tea using two table-spoons of dry Hawthorn Berries and a table-spoon of black tea (for one tea-pot). Drinking a cup of such tea before going to bed can help to avoid insomnia and sleep disorders.

Hawthorn Pills

It is easy to find Hawthorn nutritional supplements, liquid extracts or capsules in our pharmacy shops or online shops. Hawthorn products have quite low toxicity and should be considered relativey safe. In particular, Hawthorn extracts can be used directly under the tongue for receiving fast and strong relief for the effects of high blood pressure, stresses, nervousness or anxiety. However, do not forget to consult your doctor or a therapist in order to avoid possible complications and unwanted side effects. Specialists do not recommend using Hawthorn products to the people with low blood pressure, ulcers and certain heart conditions. Learn more about natural remedies, use them for your own benefit, and be always healthy and fit.

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