Happy ManIt is reported that single and unhappy men have more chances to suffer a stroke. Recently, Israeli specialists completed their long term study which started years ago in 1963, and in the framework of this research, the scientists tracked the life changes of more than 10,000 men, officials and military servants. Everything they recorded and observed made them come to a conclusion that if other risk factors for stroke (diabetes, overweight, smoking, etc.) are equal, happily married men have 64% lower risks of fatal stroke.

Uri Goldbourt, a professor at Tel Aviv University and one of the leaders of the study says that the group of scientists were actually surprised with the conclusions they had to come to after completing their experiments and observations.”I had not expected that unsuccessful marriage would be of this statistical importance,” he comments. Another specialist Daniel Lackland, a spokesman for the American Stroke Association and DrPH of the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston says that the findings of the study could be explained by a tendency for taking more effective preventing measures against stroke and other diseases in terms of happy relationships.

Happy MarriageWeight loss is so much better when two people are involved,” Lackland says, “and if you look at something like cigarette smoking, there is better support in quitting.” Also, the specialist says that a life partner can much faster and more effectively provide with medical help, that can also contribute to lower risks of fatal stroke. Lackland is certain that the findings and mentioned statistical estimations can be applied on European and American societies as well. The results of the study are “very consistent with what we’re seeing in the U.S.,”¬† he says

But what about women, we all wonder? According to Lackland, this tendency should definitely be valid for women as well. “If you are in happy relationships, it goes both ways. Social support is better in a good relationship,” the specialist is convinced. The findings of this very interesting research were presented in the end of the last week at the American Stroke Association‘s annual¬† conference in San Antonio.

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