Green Tea ExtractAs a keen green tea fan, I’ll never get tired of writing about this truly amazing natural remedy, a generous gift from our Mother Nature to all of us! Rich in caffeine and essential nutrients, green tea is an excellent choice for both men and women to be used as a refreshing morning drink, as a thirst quencher, as a support to speed up recovery after a disease, or as a warm drink to help people become closer to each other. Health benefits of green tea are numerous, and they vary from simple energizing or toning our body tissues to very powerful anti-aging effects and cancer protection. Green tea is one of the best natural remedies to stimulate weight loss and speed up metabolism, and it is included in the list of 5 top foods for longevity. Green tea can be used to prevent cardiovascular problems and get rid of all common symptoms of depression.

We believe that we know it all about green tea which has been a focus of interest of many research groups around the world for many decades. It is true that this natural remedy remains one of the most researched and studied among other herbal remedies and treatments. However, new findings suggest that yet we don’t know everything about green tea benefits, and this amazing remedy can be therapeutic for our body and mind in many new ways. According to the publication in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, drinking green tea on a daily basis can assist modern men in strengthening their brain function. The study has found that green tea can improve memory, increase cognitive and mental abilities of men, tone their general brain function and reduce the risk of mental disorders linked to aging.

A group of Swiss scientists from the Department of Psychiatry, University of Basel, conducted the experiment involving 12 healthy young men divided into 2 experiment groups. One group was offered to consume a special beverage with green tea extract with the concentration equal to 2 cups of green tea, and the other control group was offered to take palcebo-type beverage with no green tea concentrate. The main objective of the research was to analyze the effects of green tea on cognitive abilities of the participants, and the scientists made a few MR scans of the participants while they Improve Brain Functionwere preforming their memory tests in order to find out if any change or effect could help improve brain function. After that the researchers compared the scans of the men from the first experiment group and the control group.

It turned out that those participants who were treated with green tea extract have demonstrated much better performance compared to the performance of the control group members. After analyzing the MR scans of the participants, it became apparent that all members of the green tea extract group experiences the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex activation, linked to more effective problem solving skills, improved abilities to focus, better memory performance, etc.). According to the scientists, this is the area of the brain that plays a role in improved cognitive and memory function. The effects can be caused by increased amounts of EGCG, the compounds that have effects on the activities of relevant neurotransmitter and can help improve brain function.

Green tea may help prevent neurotransmitters involved in brain functioning, like dopamine and epinephrine, from degrading. It may also inhibit senile plaques from depositing in the brain, which impairs cognition,” Stefan Borgwardt, M.D., an expert of the University Hospital Basel in Switzerland and one of the study authors commented on the findings of his expert group. Despite the fact that for this study his colleagues used a special type of green tea extract, he recommends all modern men consider drinking at least 2 cups of high quality green tea every day in order to enjoy the mentioned benefits of greet tea. More detailed information about the findings of Swiss scientists linking a regular green tea consumption and improved brain function of men can be found in this report.

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