Green TeaNumerous health benefits of green tea can nowadays be expanded with one more amazing property of this tasty healthy herbal tea. It is known that green tea is extremely popular in Japan and is being studied by local scientists on a regular basis. According to the newest findings of the experts of the Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, those elderly adults who consume good amounts of high quality green tea on a day-to-day basis are more active, energetic, live more independent life, and generally have much higher chances to live a longer life compared to those who do not drink green tea.

This natural remedy is a known and very rich source of anti-oxidants, unique natural compounds that can slow down aging processes in the body cells and prevent cell damage that is always linked to chemical imbalances and the development of serious diseases. Japanese scientists focused on analyzing the effects of antioxidants in green tea in the broadest spectrum, health benefits of green teastarting from positive effects of these natural elements on the levels of bad and good cholesterol in the blood, and ending up with known powerful property of this natural product to prevent and slow down cancerous cell formation.

The study involved analyzing the info about 14,000 people aged 65 and above, and it turned out that a regular consumption of green tea is linked to less functional disability in the elderly. According to the findings, those who drunk less than 1 cup of green tea a day had 13 per cent chances to develop functional disability, and those who consume 4-5 cups a day have only 7 per cent chances. It was also reported that those participants who consumed 4-5 cups of green tea generally had higher education, were less likely to smoke, had greater mental shape and lower risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Yasutake Tomata, a leading specialist of the expert team of the Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, underlined the importance of the findings and unique properties of green tea for people of all ages. “Green tea consumption is significantly associated with a lower risk of incident functional disability, even after adjustment for possible confounding factors,” he wrote in the report. If you are interested in amazing health benefits of green tea, as well as the findings and reviews of Japanese experts, you can check out one of the latest issues of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, where the report about this study was published.


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