Wine And Weight LossWe think that we know everything about weight loss and weight management. We know all the tricks about a healthy diet and what foods or cooking methods we should stay always away from in order to maintain a normal body mass and do not get extra weight. We are well aware about the importance of regular exercise and physical activities for weight loss, as well as about the role stresses and our bad habits play in gaining weight. We know what risks are linked to being overweight. At the same time, a great deal of new studies and researches bring up new interesting information and ideas for those who are concerned about their body weight. What about using a glass of high quality red wine for weight loss? Sounds crazy, some may think. Let’s ask the scientists.

According to the findings of a team of American specialists at Purdue University, Indiana, who studied the links between red wine and weight loss, it is possible to boost our weight management efforts and decrease our risks of being overweight by using small amounts of high quality red wine a few times a week. The scientists found out that red wine has such ingredient as piceatannol, the substance able to substantially slow down the development of young fat cells and delay their growing into mature fat cells. Red Wine For Weight LossThis property of red wine has become something new and very interesting for many other experts because mainly red wine has been known for its being rich in very potent antioxidants, natural compounds able to reduce negative effects of oxidative stress in our cells and slow down all destructive processes related to aging.

Back to exploring the connections between red wine and weight loss. It was found out that piceatannol can also block the property of insulin to activate the processes taking place on latest stages of fat cells formation, on genetic levels. That is why less fat deposits can be formed leading to lower body mass. The scientists underline that by using the stated properties, consuming high quality red wine in small amounts several times a week can also be a good natural solution for reducing our risks of the most common cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, a stroke, and others, as well as the risks of cancer and neurogenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

According to Dr.  Kee-Hong Kim, one of the study leaders, the experiments are being carried on to learn more about the effectiveness of red wine for weight loss. ‘We are now testing our idea using animal model obesity to see if it has the same beneficial functions,’ he said. In order to maximize the effectiveness of red wine for weight loss, the scientists are trying to obtain more stable and better soluble piceatannol allowing to receive better biological effects of the substance. Read more about the advantages of having a glass of red wine and weight loss, as well as about other details of this interesting study in one of the latest issues of the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Check out some useful information about the links between high quality red wine and weight loss in this article.

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