gazpacho soupGazpacho soup is a trend of modern healthy lifestyle. It is a fresh tomato-based Spanish soup, a blended mixture of fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, olive oil, some spices, and other less common ingredients. This dish is much loved in modern countries of the Mediterranean region since it is a cold soup which can work great as a thirst quencher and an amazing refreshing meal. Gazpacho soup is very rich not only with its fresh taste, but also with natural nutrients like vitamin C, carotene, lycopens, polyphenols, and other essential substances. Gazpacho soup is also well-known in many countries of the US, the Middle East, North Europe, Western Europe and Russia, as an easy and very healthy dish good for kids and adult, with plenty of health benefits and nutrition values.

According to the findings of a study published in the end of the last year in the journal Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases, by consuming gazpacho soup it is possible to normalize blood pressure and reduce hypertension risk in all modern people. Those are the conclusions of a scientific team led by Alexander Medina-Remón, a researcher and a specialist from the Department of Nutrition and Bromatology of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus of the Universidad de Barcelona. The extensive study included analyzing the data collected on almost 4,000 participants of the study carried out with the objective to analyze the effects of the Mediterranean diet on cardiovascular health of people. The research group obtained detailed information of gazpacho soup consumption and further history of the cardiovascular diseases in all the participants.

Hypertension, or elevated blood pressure, is a common health condition which can turn into quite serious cardiovascular disease and lead to a hear disease or a heart attack. Unfortunately, in our times every one of four people is affected by elevated blood pressure, and the most sad fact is that not every patient knows about this serious condition. There are a few ways to prevent this disease and reduce hypertension risk, including mainly leading a healthy and active lifestyle, hypertension riskconsuming a proper diet, reducing the body mass, reducing the effects of stresses, or getting rid of bad habits, primarily smoking or alcohol abuse. Those who have serious symptoms of elevated blood pressure can use special medications, however, they may have serious adverse effects, that is why such kind of medications can be taken ONLY by a recommendation of a qualified health care specialist.

Barcelona University scientists are convinced that by consuming gazpacho soup it is possible to substantially reduce hypertension risk along with reducing the risk for more serious cardiovascular diseases. “Previous clinical and epidemiological studies associate the consumption of gazpacho’s main ingredients (tomato, cucumber, garlic, olive oil, etc.) with an arterial pressure reduction,” the study leader said. He underlined that the findings of his scientific group have shown that consuming gazpacho soup as a combination of the mentioned effective ingredients can be as successful as using those individually. Certainly, it is only in those cases when 100 per cent organic vegetables along with high quality spices and olive oil is used for cooking gazpacho soup.

It is reported that the analysis of the researchers had shown that by consuming gazpacho soup for a few times a week, it is possible to reduce hypertension risk for up to 27 per cent. The effects are attributed to high content of polyphenols in the natural foods used for preparing this soup. Also, a crucial role is played by the fact that the soup is prepared without using any heating. To find more evidence to prove this hypothesis, Spanish scientists are planning to continue their studies and find possible links between hypertension risk and consumption of other foods rich in polyphenols. Those who want to learn more information and details about the current study can check out this report. There are plenty of various recipes for gazpacho soups available online, and it is possible to reduce hypertension risk for you and your family by consuming this easy and very delicious soup year round.


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