GarlicIt turns out that garlic can provide us with a great protection not only against vampires and the cold. Garlic has amazing natural powers and therapeutic benefits which make it one of the greatest and the most valuable natural superfoods. According to the newest findings of a study carried out by a group of scientists at Emory University School of Medicine in the United States, garlic oil can be used as an excellent natural remedy to prevent heart damage. At that, this protection is very effective as it prevents all types of damage of heart tissues on cellular level.

The scientists carried out a series of experiments with lab mice and tested a component of garlic, diallyl tri-sulfide, and found out that this compound releases hydrogen sulphide, another substance which even in  low concentrations can protect heart tissue against cell damage. Hydrogen sulphide is a volatile and quite unstable gas which is hard to deliver to heart tissues in the framework of any therapy, and the most effective way of administering it to the heart was injecting. Garlic OilThe research had shown that it is possible to deliver this gas to the heart by using natural garlic oil orally, and it can be a great natural solution to protect the heart against damage.

Prior to the experiments, American scientists created a proper environment and blocked the coronary arteries of the lab mice, in order to simulate the health condition similar to the one while having a heart attack. After 45 minutes of this blockage, before the normal blood flow was restored, the mice were given diallyl tri-sulfide received from garlic oil. The experts could see that the natural compound decreased the amounts of damaged heart tissues, and it is estimated that it helped to lower the risks of heart damage as much as for 61 per cent.

We are now performing studies with orally active drugs that release hydrogen sulphide.  This could avoid the need to inject sulphide-delivery drugs outside of an emergency situation,’ Dr. David Lefer, a specialist at Emory University School of Medicine, comments on the findings of his colleagues. This week, the findings of this research were presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions meeting in Orlando. Now, the scientists are planning to research and study the effects of diallyl tri-sulfidefor reducing the heart enlargement which is one of the side effects of heart attack.

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