healthy foodRecently, Forbes magazine published an overview of the world’s healthiest traditional cuisines. The study was carried out by Harley Pasternak, a nutritionist and healthy lifestyle promoter. He based his research on his own observations while traveling around the world, as well as on some statistics: namely, life expectancy and obesity index, which reflect the effects of good eating habits the best. The specialist came to very interesting conclusions and he strongly recommends borrowing certain dietary tips from the mentioned cultures. Below, you can see the list of the world’s most healthiest diets, according to Pasternak.

1. Japan (life expectancy 82 years, obesity rate 1.5 %). The Japanese have extremely low obesity rate not only because it is very common for them to eat small amounts of foods, but also since their cuisine is focused on very healthy foods, like fish, soy products, broccoli and others. Buckwheat noodles, one of the most popular Japanese foods, is rich in complex carbohydrates and is very nourishing, but very healthy.

2. Singapore (life expectancy 82 years, obesity rate 1.8 %). Though this cuisine is based on increased rise consumption, the Singaporeans compensate their carbohydrate consumption by eating very small amounts of meat (they prefer fish and vegetables) and choosing fresh tropical fruit and low calorie treats for desert.

3. China (life expectancy 73 years, obesity rate 1.8 %). According to Pasternak, about 65% of meals in Chinese cuisine are made of fruit and vegetables, grains and beans. Also, Chinese cuisine should be preferred for the abundance of specific healthy foods like ginger, soy beans, garlic, etc. The disadvantage of this cuisine is using too much of fried foods.

4. Sweden (life expectancy 81 years, obesity rate 11 %). Despite of obvious shortage of fresh fruit and vegetables, the cuisine of this northern country is based on dairy products and fish. However, it is necessary to remember that the tradition of leading a healthy lifestyle is strongly embedded in Swedish social life.

The Worlds Healthiest Diets5. France (life expectancy 81 years, obesity rate 6.6 %). French people usually are keen lovers of good foods and wine, but they have one of the lowest obesity rate in Europe. Why? Because traditionally they tend to prepare meals in ovens, this way avoiding frying. Also, the French have no tendency to overeat.

6. Italy (life expectancy 80 years, obesity rate 13 %). No way, you can say! Wine, cheesy pasta and pizza lovers eat one of the world’s healthiest diets? Ha ha! Healthy way of preparing meals and using only healthy fats can also play a role, guys!

7. Spain (life expectancy 80 years, obesity rate 16 %). Pasternak is convinced that the Spaniards eat lots of dietary fiber, fruit and fish. Also, healthy cooking is practiced widely.

8. South Korea (life expectancy 79 years, obesity rate 10 %). The scientist attributes good overall health of modern South Koreans to their low-fat diet. Also, this country has one of the lowest rate of red meat consumption per capita.

9. Israel (life expectancy 81 years, obesity rate 24 %). This cuisine is focused on using lots of specific spices and herbs, as well as olive oil, which are rich in nutrients and useful elements. That is why Israel’s cuisine is linked to better health.

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  1. Teresa CNo Gravatar Says:

    I am from Singapore and it is really interesting to know that this tiny red dot has been ranked by Forbes as the world’s No. 2 healthiest country, in terms of diet. The truth is obesity rates among children are rising – and – eating lifestyles are sadly, no longer as healthy as they used to be. Great blog!

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