lose weightThere are situations when we need to lose several pounds in a few days. For example, when you are going to have a Birthday party, or when you are going to spend a week or two on the seashore with your friends or your partner. You want to look gorgeous and can do anything to put off 2-3 pounds for 2-3 days. Is it possible? Yes, by using a crash diet which prohibits you eating carbs, like sugars or starches, as well as limits your protein consumption. You drink a lot of water and try to avoid eating anything after 7 p.m. And – you exercise, and exercise, and exercise…

For those who need to lose weight in few days, American scientists came up with a new very interesting and very cheap strategy. The experiments and study conducted by a group of specialists at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh have shown that people with extra weight tend to get slimmer quite fast and effectively when they are offered financial incentives. In particular, understanding that you can lose your cash if you do not lose weight is discovered to work pretty good, and the scientists are sure that this strategy can work great exactly in a short-term and middle-term periods of time.

financial incentiveIt is interesting that this tendency to lose weight being at risk of a financial crisis is more likely to be applicable to women. During the experiments, the scientists were supervising the body mass changes of 66 obese adults, some of which were bounded by financial obligations to lose money every day when they do not put off weight. It came up that the volunteers who were pushed with financial incentives started choosing a low calorie diet and considerably increased their daily physical activities.

Finally, it turned out that all women and 12 percent of men who had financial obligations managed to lose the required amount of weight. Unfortunately, by using this method the participants failed to receive stable results. Leslie John at Carnegie Mellon University, who led this research, commented on it as the following: “Financial incentives produced significant weight loss over an eight-month intervention. However, participants regained weight post-intervention.” I don’t know, how we can use this remarkable approach in the framework of our own weight management strategies, but if you are interested in receiving more information about this scientific research, check out the latest issue of the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

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