FenugreekFenugreek is a known spice and herbal remedy. This bean-like plant grows throughout southern regions of the planet and plays a role in many Asian cuisines as a great spice for various meals. Since the times of ancient civilizations, seeds and leaves of this medicinal plant have been used for cholesterol lowering, relieving constipation and skin inflammations, combating the symptoms of colds and the flu, controlling diabetes and for menopausal symptoms relief. Apart of that, it is considered one of the best herbal appetite stimulants, and fenugreek seed infusion is recommended as one of the most effective home remedies for insomnia.

According to the results of a new research, fenugreek can be used to spice men’s sex life, and the effects of this herbal remedy are very powerful. The researchers from the Centre for Integrative Clinical and Molecular Medicine in Brisbane, Australia, found out that using fenugreek seeds as a spice or an extract on a regular basis can increase sexual drive of all modern men by a quarter or even more! The recommended way of using fenugreek seeds in order to boost the sex drive of men is consuming a certain amount of fried fenugreek seeds every day or using a special fenugreek seed extract.

Fenugreek Seed ExtractSixty male volunteers aged 25-62 took part in the experiments, which included monitoring the libido of the participants using a special monitoring system created to assess and evaluate possible changes. A group of the volunteers were taking fenugreek seed extract two times a day for six weeks, and it was recorded that after the third week their libido raised by an average 20-28 per cent.  Another group of the participants were taking placebo, and no positive changes in their male libido were recorded by the scientists.

The reserachers are convinced that these miraculous effects can be caused by increased amounts of saponins which can be found in fenugreek seeds and other products. These chemical compounds may play a role in increasing the production of testosterone, the male hormones, which, in turn, causes the substantial raise in male libido and can boost sexual life of men. “This study has demonstrated that there was significant improvement in sexual function and performance following treatment,” The Daily Mail quotes the words of the researchers. The newly discovered health benefits of fenugreek seed extract have evoked a great interest in the scientific circles.


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