smokingIn today’s United Kingdom, 22 percent of men and 21 percent of women smoke cigarettes. At that, annually about 100,000 smokers die of health conditions related to tobacco smoking. According to the latest estimations based on the researches by the specialists from the University of Minnesota and Johns Hopkins University, the risks for female smokers to die from a tobacco smoking related cardiovascular diseases are much higher than the ones for male smokers. The findings of this collective study were recently published in the Lancet magazine.

After analyzing medical histories, health condition and other various information on about 4 million Americans, the experts came to the conclusion that smoking women are way more prone to various cardiovascular problems than male smokers. In particular, it was estimated that the risks of coronary heart disease (which is currently a leading cause of death in the UK) is almost 25 percent higher for smoking women than for smoking men. And this phenomena takes place despite the fact that women usually smoke less cigarettes a day than men.

In today’s world, there are about 220 millions female smokers, many of which start this killing habit in order to lose weight. Many tobacco and cigarette producing companies promote their products using the parallels between slim cigarettes and being slim. female smokersThis hidden idea works very good, and a great deal of women smoke occasionally in order to burn calories and lose weight. Needless to say that this habit brings a great deal of harm to health and well-being of women who are doing so!

It is especially dangerous on the background of recently emerged information that women are actually way more susceptible to dangers of tobacco smoking (including passive smoking) due to biological factors. It was found out that females metabolize nicotine and other harmful chemicals related to tobacco smoking much faster than men, that is why tobacco smoking is way more dangerous and toxic for ladies, according to The Lancet.

This study confirms that women are more susceptible to the health risks posed by smoking, even though research has traditionally focused on men. We have to stop the tobacco industry from blatantly targeting women with misleading myths about the links between smoking and being slim,” says Amanda Sanford, a representative of nationwide public charity program Action on Smoking and Health initiated in order to lower the damage and harm to public health caused by tobacco smoking.

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