how to maintain healthy weightWomen of all ages are thinking about looking great and attractive. Both young girls and middle aged ladies are doing everything possible to maintain healthy weight, take good care about their skin and hair, do plenty of physical exercise and keep away from stresses, this way trying to preserve their natural beauty and be good looking. Learning everything about the most effective weight loss strategies and knowing the answer to the question how to maintain healthy weight is a key for effective weight management for all women. And many of those who’ve tried losing weight are very well aware of the fact that the hardest part of a weight management program is not only losing weight but doing everything possible to stay in a healthy body mass months or years after losing weight.

Moreover, according to the latest findings, it is quite dangerous for women aged 50+ to go through the cycles of losing weight and gaining it back. A group of scientists at Wake Forest University found out that inability to keep the lost weight off can be quite a serious test for our body, and for middle aged women it can cause very serious conditions. In particular, as their study has shown, losing weight and gaining it back is associated with increased risk of heart disease and other similar cardiovascular problems in women in their early 50s. Besides, such changes of weight are mostly liked to higher chances to develop other health conditions, including elevated blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, more severe menopausal symptoms, and so on.

These findings were a result of studying the performance of 112 obese postmenopausal women aged 50 and above. The scientists created a special 5-month weight loss program for the participants, based mainly on consuming healthy organic foods, doing good amounts of physical exercise, reducing the effects of bad habits, and other traditional strategies. All the participants successfully managed with completing the program, and this allowed the women lose on average 25 pounds. risk of heart diseaseAfter this first stage of the experiment, all 112 participants were strictly followed, and in 1 year it turned out that over 60 per cent of the participants regained over 70 per cent of the weight they managed to lose during the experiment. Besides, after analyzing weight of all the participants in 12 months after the experiment, it turned out that all of them gained at least 4 pounds and no one could maintain healthy weight successfully.

Moreover, after a closer look at the participants who did not manage to maintain healthy weight and gained the lost weight back, the researchers could see that almost all the gained weight came back in the form of fat, not in the form of muscle mass which would be more healthy. They managed to find why it happened: after interviewing the participants, it became apparent that in 1 year after the experiment, overwhelming majority of the participants totally gave up on physical exercises but still followed healthy diet rules thinking that it can compensate a lack of physical activities. That is why they gained weight back, and that is why they increased their fat mass due to a lack of exercise. Due to excessive amounts of fat, the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases has increased, and so has the risk for some other related health conditions.

Therefore, if you are thinking about starting a weight loss program, looking for an effective diet plan or trying to create an individual exercise program, you should also obtain plenty of information and learn how to maintain healthy weight, this way learn how to avoid increased risk for cardiovascular diseases. Certainly, losing weight is a very complex process, and in order to avoid weight gain and maintain healthy weight, it is necessary to make changes in your lifestyle, including regular exercising and healthy eating. It is believed that a slow weight gain is the most effective since the body has plenty of time to get adjusted to the new lifestyle. Besides, even small lifestyle changes can be enough for maintaining a healthy weight with slow weight loss, which is certainly easier and more advantageous.

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