best fat loss exerciseThe effects of regular exercise and increased amounts of physical activities on our metabolism and fat loss are known. Strenuous exercise is considered the best way to speed up metabolism and all related chemical processes in the body, this way create the best environment for faster fat loss and more effective weight management. Unfortunately, our sedentary lifestyle does not allow us fully benefit from sufficient amounts of physical activities, and  just a few of us can find time and opportunity to visit gym or do cardio on a regular basis. Usually, what we all do is exercising occasionally, at that focusing on a certain best fat loss exercise or best belly fat loss exercise programs, this way trying to take the most of our weight management efforts.

At the same time, scientists say that in order to remain fit and always be  in a good shape, we do not need to actually spend hours exercising. We know about miraculous effects of an approach known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), which requires only at most 20-25 minutes of total training time a day. Belly Fat Loss ExerciseIn addition to that, as one of the recent studies has shown, just one hour of moderate exercising in gym a day will be enough to maintain a good body weight and remain fit. These conclusions were presented this spring by a group of experts at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, who analyzed the dynamics of epigenetic changes in muscle cells of people who are involved in regular work out routines.

Swedish specialists compared the biopsies taken from muscle tissues of the participants, 8 men in good health who led usual sedentary lifestyle but regularly exercised in gym for 1 hour. Biopsies were taken before and after the workouts, and after analyzing the results it became apparent that during the work outs the key genes that play a role in metabolism are losing their methyl group. According to Romain Barrès and Juleen Zierath, the study leaders, this process is linked to more effective protein production in the body that leads to increased fat loss since more protein can be involved in current fat breakdown during and after the work outs.

The most amazing fact which pretty much surprised the experts is how quickly the mentioned changes happen. The scientists suggest that increased protein production in the body that takes place during work outs can also be boosted by calcium that is produced in muscle cells when we exercise. The mentioned effects (increased calcium production and demetilation) are considered better than the ones linked to increased consumption of caffeine.  So those of us who are still wondering about the best fat loss exercise or the best belly fat loss exercise should just go to gym and spend their time for moderate exercising, increasing their fat loss levels and becoming more fit. Read more about the analysis details and the findings of Swedish scientists in one of the latest issues of Cell Metabolism journal.

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