Young PeopleModern lifestyle and our daily routine, our poor nutrition and a chronic lack of physical activities, our never ending worries and stresses, a lack of time and money for taking care about our health properly are the factors that contribute in shortening our life, and many specialists underline the fact that many diseases and serious health conditions which used to be associated with aging do not display those links anymore. Such problems as heart diseases, joint pains, inflammatory and auto-immune diseases are quite common in young people nowadays. However, increased stroke risk in modern young people evokes a special concern among today’s health care specialists. It is reported that for the last few years, the number of strokes in adolescents and young adults has drastically increased.

According to the findings of an international expert team based in Loyola University Medical Center, located in Chicago, Illinois, about 15 per cent of strokes are diagnosed in people aged 20-29. Moreover, a great number of young people of that age are displaying the main symptoms and signs of stroke, therefore, they are exposed to quite high stroke risks. Those are the conclusions of an analysis of extensive info collected on a large number of young people of various origin, professions, economic and social level, and so on. Stroke RisksThe scientists underline that the impact of strokes in young people is more serious than the one of increased stoke risks in aging people, because strokes in younger age disables the patients, making them unable to perform and be productive, thus helpful to our society, etc.

Strokes are also known as cerebrovascular accidents. The scientists say that in most of the cases (about 85 per cent of total number) patients suffer from ischemic strokes, or strokes cause by a blockage of blood flow to the brain caused by various factors including a local blood clot, an embolus, etc.). Commonly known stroke risks are caused by such factors as unhealthy diet, high cholesterol levels, being overweight, leading a sedentary lifestyle, alcohol abuse, cigarette smoking, or other kind of substance abuse, suffering from type 2 diabetes or hypertension, etc. At the same time, there are other minor factors linked to increase stroke risk, which include using oral anticoagulants, having carotid angioplasty, and some others.

It is very important for all modern young people to be aware about the increased stroke risks and do everything possible for preventing the condition. Suffering from a stroke in young age can be a very serious situation, and, according to the report about the study, after going through all the hardships and pain, “younger survivors may be dealing with relationships, careers and raising children – issues that require additional awareness and resources.” The study was led by Jose Biller, a stroke expert and a scientist of the Department of Neurology of Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. Those who want to learn more about the issue can find detailed report about the study and the findings in one of the latest issues of Neurology magazine.

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