Boost MemoryIt is a known fact that aging is strictly linked to memory problems and poorer mental performance, and nowadays, hundreds of scientific studies and researches are being carried out in order to find the ways to lower this negative side effects of aging. Scores of natural solutions and herbal remedies to boost memory have been recently found. Those include ginkgo biloba, pine tree extract, grape juice, rose scent, and many others. The findings of one more related study were published this month, offering us one more great and very common natural solution to improve our memory, boost our mental abilities and prevent serious mental disorders linked to aging.

A group of scientists at Boston University conducted a research and found out that adding to our diet a nutrient known as choline can provide us with great protection against problems with our memory and mental abilities. Choline is a special chemical compound which is one of the members of Vitamin B complex, and it can be found in pretty many foods available to all of us. CholineIn particular, plenty of this natural nutrient can be found in such foods as white chicken meat, eggs, kidney beans, legumes, fish and various kinds of seafood, and so on.

During the tests, it became aparent that those people who consume plenty of foods with choline perform much better in their memory tests, and in addition, they demonstrated much less signs of certain dangerous changes in the brain which are closely associated with early signs of dementia. That is why the scientists came up with the idea that what we eat can have direct and very powerful influence not only on our overall health, but also on our memory and mental abilities. And that is why it is vital to add to our diet the foods rich in choline and other natural nutrients.

However, it is very important to not give the full credit to choline only and not to rely fully on it alone as a perfect protection against dementia. Dr Rhoa Ay, one of the study leaders and a specialist at Boston University, talks about the importance of a proper diet for people at any stage of their life. ‘I think the message is that eating a healthy, balanced diet in mid-life is important,’ she underlined. She says that the Mediterranean type of diet rich in seafood, olive oil, fresh fruit and veggies, can be the best for our physical and mental health.

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