EggsOrganic chicken eggs are considered great sources of many minerals, vitamins, proteins and other nutrients. At the same time, according to the findings of the scientists at the University of Alberta, chicken eggs are also rich sources of natural antioxidants, known for their very strong power to protect us against many serious and even life-threatening diseases, including various types of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and so on. You can read the report about this interesting study in the latest issue of the peer-reviewed journal Food Chemistry.

A group of graduate students and specialists from the University of Alberta Department of Agricultural Food and Nutritional Science analyzed chemical content of organic eggs laid by farm hens fed by a usual diet dominated by wheat and corn. Chemical tests have shown that egg yolks are rich in such compounds as tyrosine and tryptophan, natural amino acids known for their very potent antioxidant properties. egg yolksIt was also found out that consuming two raw egg yolks a day can provide our body with the same amounts of antioxidants as a half cup of cranberries, one of the best known natural antioxidant sources.

However, the scientists worn us that only consuming raw and uncooked egg yolks will give us an opportunity to enjoy the stated antioxidant properties of yolks. In particular, fired or boiled eggs have 50 percent reduced antioxidant properties, and if you cook the eggs in a microwave oven, the properties will reduce even more. In addition, as the previous studies have shown, consuming raw organic egg yolks will assist in improving the function of our digestive system, as well as preventing such common health condition as high blood pressure.

Jianping Wu, an associate professor of agricultural, food and nutritional science, and one of the leaders of the study, underlines that the findings put the scientists only on the beginning of the long road leading to finding all properties of antioxidants in egg yolks. “Ultimately, we’re trying to map antioxidants in egg yolks so we have to look at all of the properties in the yolks that could contain antioxidants, as well as how the eggs are ingested,” he comments. In particular, Wu and his group are now working on testing antioxidant properties of peptides and carotenoids, other potential natural antioxidants found in egg yolks.


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