Green Coffee Bean ExtractNowadays, using green coffee bean extract for weight loss has turned into the latest trend among young ladies and all those who are looking for effective natural remedies to aid body mass reduction. Everything started this summer, when this famous natural remedy was featured by Dr. Mehmet Oz on his very popular TV program The Dr. Oz Show. He reported that his own experiment on weight loss effects of green coffee bean extract involving 100 overweight female volunteers had ended up with finding a sold and convincing proof of the extract effectiveness. According to Dr. Oz, those participants who took this natural product managed to lose around two pounds a week (which is about one kilo), and those volunteers who were given placebo used to lose about just one pound a week (in other words, not more than just a half kilo per week).

What is so special about this natural weight loss product? The coffee beans used for producing green coffee bean extract do not undergo the procedure of roasting, this way allowing chlorogenic acid, one of the natural components of coffee beans, maximize its action on slowing down glucose release in the body, this way assisting weight loss. Scientists found out that processing coffee beans by roasting leads to almost total loss of the mentioned chlorogenic acid properties, thus becoming useless for those who want to stimulate weight reduction. Nowadays, a special green coffee bean extract for weight loss is available in pharmacies, beauty shops around the country, as well as in numerous online distributors of this natural product, designed with an objective to boost the mentioned effects of chlorogenic acid and maximize weight loss properties of this natural extract. This effective solution is quite affordable, and its monthly supply costs no more than 30-35 USD.

There is plenty of scientific information and the findings of the latest studies related to using green coffee bean extract for weight loss hat  be found online and prove the ability of this natural product to help people reduce their body mass and all health risks linked to being overweight. Those include the findings of a study by an expert team from India in cooperation with an expert from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania published this autumn in a few scientific magazines, including Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity and the journal coffee bean extract for weight loss For their initial six week experiment, Indian scientists invited 8 overweight men and 8 overweight women who were given small and high doses of green coffee bean extract, as well as placebo. At that, all the participants were asked to follow a strict diet with a stipulated amount of daily calorie intake.

The experiment was prolonged for over three months, and in the 22nd week it turned out that with the help of the extract, the study participants managed to lose on average 22 pounds. Though many weight loss experts consider the findings lacking scientific basis (they point to a very small number of the participants, and unconventional design of the experiment, and other negative factors), some leading scientific editions have published the study report in order to support sales of green coffee bean extract for weight loss. During the study, the specialists used a special high quality green coffee bean extract provided by Applied Food Sciences Inc., one of the leading players in American market of the food, beverage and cosmetics industries, but there was no information about the fact that this business company also assumed a role of sponsor of the experiment.

At the same time, many experts underline that using green coffee bean extract for weight loss can be helpful only in case if this natural weight loss remedy is used in conjunction with a healthy diet, plenty of physical exercise, minimal effects of bad habits like smoking or alcohol abuse, and other requirements of an individual weight loss program. It is incorrect to think that using green coffee bean extract alone can be effective for weight loss as this natural product can be used as a weight loss program aid only. “Clearly there’s nothing magical about [green coffee bean extract],” commented Dr. Arya Sharma, an obesity research expert and a professor of medicine at the University of Alberta. If you made up your mind for using this weight loss product, do not forget to talk to your health care specialist who can help you avoid possible side effects of this kind of treatment.

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