Red PlatesDespite the fact that there are a great deal of very effective weight management techniques created and available for everyone who need to get rid of extra pounds, still there are a large number of people in the modern world who suffer from being overweight and having increased risks of many serious diseases like heart attack, atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes, and so forth. Scores of studies and researches are being carried out in order to help us maintain a normal body weight, but still many of us fail to make efforts, refuse to watch what they eat and at all times look for the easiest ways to reduce their BMI.

Good news for you, folks! Swiss and German scientists offer you a very simple strategy to reduce your calorie consumption and shed the flab. How to do that? Just use plates and cups of red color. According to the newest findings recently reported in the Daily Mail and other reputable editions, eating from a red plate and drinking from a red cup is linked to substantially lower food and beverage consumption. weight managementIt is estimated that this easy trick can help you reduce your food consumption by up to 40 per cent, thus receive less calories, prevent weight gaining and even stimulate weight loss.

The research included two series of experiments. For the first one, 109 participants were offered meals served on blue, white and red plates. It turned out that those participants who received their meals on red plates consumed less amounts of meals compared to those people who were offered meals on white or blue plates. For the second part of the experiments 41 male students were invited. They were offered to drink tea from the cups with blue and red marks or patterns. The researches found out that tea consumption from red cups was 44 per cent lower.

Many nutritionists and weight management experts were surprised with these findings. However, European scientists tend to link the effects of red plates and cups with the associations that we all have. Since early civilizations, red color is associated with something dangerous or harmful. “Red may be associated with alarm or something primeval,” Ursula Arens, a nutritionist at the British Dietetic Association, said. The findings inspired the idea to begin using red package for unhealthy foods and beverages: this can be used as a warning tool by concerned food market players and governmental structures.

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