applesIn late autumn and winter, many specialists recommend us taking vitamin pills or daily dietary supplements in order to support our body with vitamins, micro-elements and other basic nutrients we need for normal functioning of all our systems. In particular, it is very important to take sufficient amounts of vitamin C in order to ward off respiratory diseases and all possible infections. At the same time, it is obvious that receiving those vitamins and nutrients from natural sources like garlic, ginseng, aloe vera and other natural superfoods or herbal remedies is much better than taking synthesized vitamin pills. What to do if it is not possible to consume such unique natural vitamin sources every day?

It is estimated that annually, the Brits spend about 220 million pounds on various dietary supplements and vitamin pills. Instead, it is possible to enrich our diet with quite usual organic fruit and veggies from our gardens and yards. According to the specialists from Cornell University, eating just one apple a day (even a small one) can be very effective for providing our body with excellent amounts of vitamin C, as well as natural antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids and other phyto-nutrients. vitamin pillsThese are the findings of a recent study in the mentioned American University.

The scientists suggest that a small or a sweet apple can have effects on your health and the immune system, equivalent to the effects of about 1,500 mg of natural vitamin C. This dose is much higher than in most of vitamin supplements available in our pharmacies, beauty shops and online dealers of health care products. In addition to the mentioned nutritional benefits of apples, it was found out that these fruits have absolutely amazing anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and even anti-cancer properties.

There is one more interesting fact. The study has shown that these effects of apples should be considered a result of the presence and joint action of all chemical compounds and phytoelements in apples. That is why, the scientists say, eating apples with their rich nutritional value and chemical content, is much more effective for preventing colds and other respiratory problems than taking a usual vitamin C pill. In conjunction with a healthy diet and plenty of physical activities, taking organic sources of natural vitamins and minerals like apples, pears, quinces, as well as crops and root veggies like carrots, red beets, leeks, onions, turnips, and others, can be much more effective than taking a handful of dietary supplements and vitamin pills a day.

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