A new study carried out by the specialists from psychiatry department at the University of Cincinnati suggests that regular consumption of grape juice is linked to lower risks of having memory loss, and even a certain reverse of memory loss process. Grapes and grape juice are among the most valuable and useful natural remedies, which can be perfect sources of many essential nutrients and minerals. Such properties as improving our immune system, lowering the risks of having stroke and strengthening our cardio-vascular health are among the most important health benefits of grape juice and grapes.

grape juiceThe experiments at the University of Cincinnati showed that grape juice can help avoid memory loss. 12 men and women with the symptoms of early memory loss agreed to participate the experiments. They were split into two groups, one of which was regularly taking a high quality 100% Concord grape juice (those are special grapes that are cultivated in the Concord region of New Hampshire, USA). The trials lasted for 12 weeks and the results demonstrated that a half of the group members who were consuming grape juice could improve their memory to a great extent.

One of the leaders of the research, Dr. R. Krikorian comments on the course of the trials as the following: “While there were no significant differences between the groups at baseline, following the treatment, those drinking Concord grape juice demonstrated a significant improvement in list learning.” The specialists attribute these brain-boosting properties of the grape juice to high content of the antioxidants in grapes and grape juice. ”The results involving Concord grape juice are very encouraging and certainly warrant an additional study,” Krikorian adds. The results of this research were presented to the public at the International Polyphenols and Health Conference in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

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