Green TeaOne more important health benefit of green tea was recently discovered and now can be added to the list of numerous therapeutic properties of this amazing herbal remedy. One of the world’s most¬† reputable medical journals American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the findings of a research by the specialists at the Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine,¬† Japan. The nutritionists found out that drinking 5 cups of high quality green tea on a daily basis is linked to better mental health and can assist in reducing the incidence of psychological distress by up to 20%.

More than 42,000 participants aged over 40 were involved in these experiments, at that 6.6% of them suffered from chronic psychological distresses. After several years of regular green tea consumption, everyone showed certain improvements of mental condition, especially those participants, who were under the effects of psychological distress the most. That is why it’s possible to speak about an inverse association between a regular consumption of green tea and being under effect of psychological distresses.

It is the second very important property of green tea directed on improving an individual’s mental health. Earlier, it was discovered that regular consumption of green tea or taking green tea extract has positive effects on those suffering from such mental problem as Alzheimer’s disease. Also, the experts underline that it is necessary not to neglect such problem as psychological distress. It is estimated that currently more than 450 million people in the world suffer from psychological distress to a great extent, and about 17% of those named stresses to be primary health risk factor.

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