Cadmium PoisoningSuch health risk as cadmium poisoning is becoming more and more real for many of us. Cadmium is a toxic element  found in many of today’s farm fertilizers which are widely used for producing veggies and crops. Scientists say that we all are more and more exposed to this very dangerous toxic metal, and its consumption can lead to very serious health conditions. In particular, it was recently reported that consuming non-organic farming products can lead to increased content of cadmium in our body tissues, which in turn is linked to increased risks of breast cancer. The same can be said about consuming all natural foods grown on the most modern and effective farm fertilizers with increased cadmium content.

A group of scientists at the Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institute in Sweden, led by Agneta Åkesson, an associate professor,carried out an experiment with the objective to evaluate the risks linked to cadmium poisoning we all are exposed to in our times. For over a decade, Swedish scientists were observing health condition and disease development of almost 56 thousand women. Their nutrition habits in general and dietary cadmium exposure were monitored through special food risks of breast cancerconsumption questionnaires that the participants were asked to fill up on a regular basis. During the decade of the experiment,the women were divided into 3 groups, according to their usual dietary cadmium consumption, giving the scientists an opportunity to compare the effects of relatively high and low cadmium exposure on women’s health.

During the control period of time, 2,112 of the participants were diagnosed with breast cancer. The scientists estimated that the women from the highest cadmium exposure group had up to 21 per cent higher risks of breast cancer. It was surprising that in slim women and women with normal weight, the risks of breast cancer as a result of cadmium poisoning was even higher: up to 27 per cent. At that, according to the conclusions of Swedish experts, those of the women who were receiving cadmium from the foods like vegetables or whole-grain bread had a little lower chances to suffer from breast cancer compared to other women who were exposed to increased amounts of dietary cadmium by consuming other types of foods.

Because of a high accumulation in agricultural crops, the main sources of dietary cadmium are bread and other cereals, potatoes, root crops and vegetables,”  Åkesson commented on the findings of her scientific group. She underlined the importance of the findings since the most common farming products mentioned are usually considered among the healthiest foods recommended by the world’s leading nutritionists for many sorts of healthy diet plans. The conclusions of this study are a great proof of the importance of using only 100 per cent organic foods for our health and longevity! Those who are interested in learning more about the findings of Swedish experts regarding increased risks of breast cancer linked to cadmium poisoning can read the publication about this interesting study in one of the latest issues of the journal Cancer Research.

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