Diet With VegetablesThose of us who are trying to shed some pounds and become leaner are usually looking for an answer to the question: what kind of diet to choose and what kind of diet could be the most effective? A traditional low-calorie and low-fat diet, or Atkins diet? Or maybe Mediterranean diet with vegetables? Actually, according to the findings of a group of Israeli experts from Ben-Gurion University, there is not much of difference between, for example, using one of the three mentioned types of diet for weight loss, in case if those are supported with plenty of physical activities, including both cardio and power workouts. However, it was found out that using a vegetables diet rich in healthy organic vegetables is a key for achieving success and maintaining the desired body weight.

For the experiments, Israeli nutritionists looked closely at the three diets: Atkins diet (with plenty of fish and lean meat), the Mediterranean diet (with a lot of olive oil, legumes and vegetables in diet), and a low-fat diet (based on potato and pasta). Moreover, the three mentioned diets were somehow divided in four groups for further analysis: fruit, vegetables, liquids, and others, in order to estimated the importance of all specific type of foods in the framework of every particular type of diet and possible effects of every food type of weight loss or maintaining a certain body weight. Vegetables DietFor the experiments, 332 volunteers were invited, mostly men with different body mass and various eating patterns. Their nutrition and eating regimen were monitored for about a two-year period of time.

From the point of weight loss, it turned out that Robert Atkins diet helped the participants to initially achieve the best results. For the first six months of the study, those of the participants who were following this diet managed to lose 14 pounds (about 6.5 kg) on average. For the same period of time, those participants, who used the Mediterranean diet lost about 10 pounds (4.5 kg) on average, and those who followed a low-fat diet got rid of 9.5 pounds (about 4.3 kg). However, in the two-year perspective, all participants were quite unsuccessful regarding to maintaining the achieved body mass, with many dieters regaining their initial body mass by the end of the experiment.

By observing the differences in the dieters’ menus, the scientists came to a conclusion that any sort of controlled and balanced healthy diet with vegetables can be used for maintaining body weight achieved after a certain weight loss program. “There’s no one diet fit for all. The main thing, if you want to have successful weight loss, is you should increase your consumption of vegetables in diet,” Yftach Gepner, a doctoral student and a member of the expert group at Ben-Gurion University. Rich in tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, or other vegetables, diet could be a great help to stabilize the body mass after any sort of weight loss program, he said. Read more about these interesting findings, as well as about other advantages of vegetables in diet, in the January issue of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.


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