boost happinessIn our times of constant problems, stresses and worries, many of us are looking for successful ways how to feel calmer, be less sensitive to stresses and effectively combat anxiety. Could you ever imagine that a great solution to fight out nervousness and negative emotions can be found right on our table? And could you guess that a special diet can help us boost happiness and feel way more pleased about life? According to the findings of a group of the experts , leaded by Luca Passamonti, an Italian specialist working with the University of Cambridge, it is possible to define a range of foods which can assist us in feeling less depressed and more happy.

Passamonti says that eating certain foods can play a great role in supporting out mood and helping us feel more optimistic. The diet simply includes the foods rich in tryptophan, an important amino acid that our body can not synthesize and which can be metabolized into serotonin and melatonin. That is why foods containing tryptophane are vital and must be consumed regularly. Tryptophan foodsThose are chocolate, fish like tuna or cod, caviar, bananas, as well as cheese, milk, pork, veal and poultry, peanuts, cocoa, oats, walnuts, dates and some others.

The Italian scientist is convinced that he has all necessary valid scientific evidence of the fact that eating these foods on a daily basis can help us feel more optimistic and substantially less depressed. The secret is: one would consume not less than 12.5 oz (about 350 grams) of these foods every day. In addition, Passamonti says that by using this diet to boost happiness one can not just become calmer, decrease nervousness and lower the chances of committing suicide because of chronic depression, but also it is possible even to treat or ease the symptoms of very serious mental diseases and disorders.

It is very interesting that Mr. Passamonti also brings out a great evidence to prove his theory about the diet to boost happiness, and it is the following idea: slim people are usually more angry and more psychologically unstable than the people with a bit of extra weight (who like eating foods rich in tryptophan like cheeses or nuts). At the same time, he does not offer any solution to the problem, how to use the above mentioned foods on an everyday basis and remain in a good shape. So, it’s our own choice now, whether trying to “go healthy” and avoid overweight, or opt for “tryptophan foods” and feel happy, but be under slightly elevated risks of having extra pounds.

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    Ha-ha, very soon they will offer a diet to increase the amount of money in my wallet, and then they will come up with a diet which will help me get a new job!