Dates Protect ArteriesAccording to the findings of a research leaded by Prof. Michael Aviram of the Technion’s Rappaport Faculty of Medicine and the Rambam Medical Center (Israel), eating 100 g of Medjool dates a day is linked to numerous wonderful health benefits which we frequently neglect. The scientists say that such fruits as Hallawi and Medjool dates are very useful to our health. These fruits grow in warm regions of the world and are very sweet, but they do not rise the levels of blood sugar and can improve our blood triglyceride levels.

In other words, Aviram’s team proved that if consumed on a regular basis, dates protect arteries, keep them clear and prevent clots formation, this way lower the risks of atherosclerosis and heart attack. The tests lasted for 4 week, and after eating 3.75 oz of Hallawi dates every day, the participants demonstrated 15% improvement of their blood triglyceride levels and more than 30% lower fat oxidation in the blood. “Oxidation is central to the deposition of cholesterol into the artery wall,” Aviram comments, “Once it is deposited, it can cause blockage of the blood supply to the heart or brain, a phenomenon that causes heart attack or stroke.

The results of this interesting study were published the last autumn in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Finding out and proving that dates protect arteries and lower the risks of heart attack is not the first achievement of  Prof. Aviram. This scientist spent decades for studying health benefits and properties of various natural superfoods, and he was the first to discover therapeutic effects of such popular natural remedies as olive oil, pomegranate, onions, as well as the benefits of red grapes and red wine consumption. His new idea is creating a type of white wine which would have all the benefits and properties of red wine.

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