yogurtFor many years it has been advised to avoid daily intake of most of dairy products as those are rich in saturated fat and cholesterol, the compounds associated with higher risks of heart disease and other cardiovascular problems. However, according to a number of recent studies, a regular consumption of yogurt, kefir and other fermented dairy products is actually linked to reduced risks of heart attack and stroke. Rich with probiotic bacteria, these milk products can guard off cardiovascular diseases.

In the framework of a recent research, the findings of which were published in the July issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was found out that the women who were asked to consume 100 g of natural probiotic yogurt a day have substantially less amounts of plaque built-up in their carotid arteries. The thicker this type of plaque built-up in the arteries, the higher risks of heart disease, stroke and even death from such cardiovascular problems.

According to the findings of a similar study carried out by Australian specialists, who analyzed daily consumption of dairy products of over 1,000 women aged over 70. It became apparent that those women who ate 100-200 g of probiotic yogurt every day had considerably better results in the ultrasound tests for carotid artery thickness. It is interesting that these findings are valid even for those women who have quite high influence of other heart disease risk factors like high body mass index, low daily physical activities, diabetes, smoking and so on.

probiotic yogurtTherefore, a regular yogurt consumption can protect us against thickening of the carotid arteries, this way lowering our risks of serious cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease and stroke. However, there are other important benefits of probiotic yogurt consumption. Some studies have shown that adding probiotic yogurt to our daily is linked to increased HDL ‘good’ cholesterol level in blood, as well as lower blood pressure and improved triglyceride levels.

Rich in such element as calcium, yogurt can support our bone health and dental health. Also, yogurt can assist in strengthening the function of our immunity and improve digestion. That is why it is recommended to consume small amounts of probiotic yogurt on everyday basis (certainly in the case if you do not have allergic reactions). Yogurt is a relatively low calorie food, rich in potassium, zinc, vitamins B12 and B2. To choose the best and the healthiest probiotic yogurt, be sure that it is a low-fat and sugar free product, with proper amounts of calcium and high in proteins.


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