longer lifeDaily exercising is a crucial element of everyone’s weight management program, and usually it is considered that only 30 minutes of daily exercise (combining some cardio like jogging, cycling or playing tennis, and power workouts) is enough to maintain excellent health and reduce risks of all major diseases. A new study suggests that such activities as daily cycling can stand for daily exercise pretty great. More to that: the scientists working in the expert group of so called the Copenhagen City Heart Study, have found that less than an hour of intense cycling a day can easily extend our life for as much as 5 years on average!

The study lasted for more than 20 years, and for this period of time the experts monitored the activities and other data on more than 5,000 people aged from 21 to 90 who cycled every day. It turned out that those men who are fond of fast cycling have 5.3 years longer life than those who like cycling slowly. daily cyclingThe same was valid for ladies as well: daily cycling with high speed resulted in 3.9 years longer life! At that, male cyclists who like riding at an average speed usually live 2.9 years longer than the cyclists who like riding in the slow lane. For female cyclists this index reaches 2.2 years.

In addition to living a longer life, fast cyclists can substantially lower the risks of such dramatic situation as dying from a heart attack. According to the findings of the Copenhagen City Heart Study, presented at the latest session of the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Paris, daily cycling with a high speed can lower the risks of dying from a heart attack for as much as 82 percent! To enjoy these amazing health benefits of fast cycling, it is enough to use just 30 minute of fast daily cycling sessions.

This study suggests that a greater part of the daily physical activity in leisure time should be vigorous, based on the individual’s own perception of intensity,’ says Dr Peter Schnohr, an expert at Bispebjerg University Hospital, Copenhagen, and one of the leaders of the scientific group. ‘Our group has already published similar results for all-cause mortality in relation to walking.’ At the same time, other specialists underline that daily cycling with high speeds can be quite dangerous for people with health problems as it imposes our cardiovascular system to quite a load. At the same time, Dutch scientists confirm that they took into account all factors, and underline that to enjoy the mentioned health benefits of fast cycling, the sufficient  intensity of the exercise is the one, which causes an individual a little breathless.


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  1. ThillNo Gravatar Says:

    Cycling is one of the best types of cardio, if you have an opportunity to go in for cycling – do not miss your chance. Your heart health will get really better soon

  2. Terrill HughesNo Gravatar Says:

    I wish I had time for cycling, at least two three times a week………