hypertensionUndoubtedly, black tea is one of the most loved and popular therapeutic beverages and herbal teas on the planet. Millions of people drink tens of millions of cups a day, thus having a chance to enjoy numerous health benefits of black tea. By using this herbal remedy we can decrease our risks of cardiovascular problems and some types of cancer, slow down aging processes on cellular levels, lowed LDL cholesterol levels, improve our brain function and thinking abilities. In addition, as a recent study suggests, black tea can be considered as a great therapeutic beverage to combat such a common ailment as hypertension, or increased blood pressure.

According to the findings of a new study, those people who drink 2-3 cups of high quality back tea every day have lower blood pressure for 2-3 points on average. Though this does not sound as something miraculous and impressive, the scientists assure us that even such minor changes in relation to lowering blood pressure can have quite considerable effects and even work for prevention of serious cardiovascular problems like heart disease and so on. Black TeaThose are the conclusions of an expert group of the School of Medicine and Pharmacology at the University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia, published recently in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

The study involved monitoring blood pressure levels of 95 participants, both male and female, who have been consuming black tea on a day-to-day basis. In the beginning of the experiment, their systolic pressure levels varied between 115 and 150. Then, the participants were divided into two groups (absolutely similar in such important factors as age, gender, weight category, and so on), one of which was offered to drink 3 cups of high quality black tea, and the control group was offered a placebo drink with a tea-like flavor and caffeine content.

After six months, it turned out that the members of the group which was consuming real black tea displayed a steady reduction in their systolic blood pressure for 2-3 points, as well as 2 point reduction of their diastolic pressure. Experts see a great deal of potential in the findings of Australian scientists, because some other researches have shown effectiveness of a regular black tea consumption is linked to improved function of endothelial cells. Those are the cells covering the interior of our blood vessels, and all endothelial dysfunctions are considered the first signs of hypertension (or increased blood pressure) in people.

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