InsomniaIn our times, insomnia and various sleep disorders are very common health conditions, and a great deal of people are affected by them. Young or old, rich or poor, we all sometimes suffer from inability to fall asleep at night, or waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall asleep again. Unfortunately, there is no an effective cure for this problem, and the existing sleeping pills can only help us remove the symptoms for some short period of time. Besides, using sleeping pills is linked to serious side effects including memory impairment and possible irregularities related to poor brain function.

A group of Canadian scientists based in Montreal carried out a series of experiments and managed to compose a formula helping to induce sleep. A special formula containing melatonin, a hormone responsible for our sleep quality, helped lab rats and mice sleep better. As it was estimated, after receiving the drug, the animals could fall asleep about 60 per cent faster compared to those animals which were not given the formula. Sleeping PillsAt that, the phase of the sleep known as deep sleep or a slow wave sleep (the most important phase) was of much better quality, giving the animals more rest and time to totally recover.

Sufficient amounts of sleep and rest are vital for normal activities of all major body organs and systems, especially for normal function of our brain. Our brain restores its function while we are sleeping due to slowed down processes and electrical activity. Dr. Gabriella Gobbi, a leading psychiatrist of the research group and an expert from the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, comments on the importance of deep sleep for restoring the brain function: “The body is low down, so the heart rate is very low, the breathing is low and most importantly the brain – the electrical activity of the brain – is very, very low.

The findings of Canadian psychologists are very promising because they will help to create a cure for insomnia which is going to be free from harmful and unwanted side effects. Moreover, many of those people who have tried using various available sleeping pills know that they can also cause addiction, which is not less harmful and dangerous than other side effects. The sleeping pills created in Montreal are reported to be free from side effects, however, it will take some time and investments to totally complete the studies and tests, and make the pill ready for hitting the market.

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