cooked tomatoesAmerican scientists say that lycopenes in cooked tomatoes can be very effective for cancer prevention. A team of experts at the University of Portsmouth led by Dr. Mridula Chopra found out that lycopenes obtained from cooked tomatoes can not only slow down cancer cells development (those associated with prostate cancer), but also kill those cells, this way reversing the disease. These findings received in the scientific labs can open a new way for creating an effective natural treatment for cancer, according to the British Journal of Nutrition, which published the report about this study earlier this month.

The team of Dr. Mridula Chopra has found interesting details about mechanisms how lycopenes in cooked tomatoes impact cancerous cells. Previous studies have shown that lycopenes, known as the components that give tomatoes their attractive red color, can slow down cancer development. This time American specialists observed that lycopenes can interrupt the ability of cancerous cells to get integrated with the system and, in particular, get attached to blood flow of the sufferer’s body. lycopenesIn the coming weeks, the researches are scheduled to continue, and the experiments will include observing the mentioned actions in human body.

This simple chemical reaction was shown to occur at lycopenes concentrations that can easily be achieved by eating processed tomatoes,” Dr. Mridula Chopra said to the mass media. She also confirmed that cooked tomatoes, as well as tomatoes processed with a little bit of cooking oil, have increased concentrations of lycopenes, thus, can be more effective for cancer treatment and prevention.She underlined that consuming just 400 g of cooked tomatoes a day for two weeks can cause substantial rise of lycopenes content in the body and, particularly, in semen, thus, providing better protection against prostate cancer in men.

It is also known that human body can store lycopenes in order to provide necessary protection in the most critical moments. Cancerous cells can stay dormant for many years and even decades, and when they start getting activated, as a reaction on certain chemical processes or chemical reactions in human body, that’s when body starts releasing lycopenes for protection. All these findings attract a lot of attention of today’s cancer specialists, who are waiting for more specific test results. ”We have tested this in the labs but we don’t yet know if the same action will happen in the body,” Dr. Mridula Chopra said.

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    This is really no surprise, tomatoes are are good for so many things and they taste great so why not eat them every day! Have people heard about dichloroacetate? Supposed to be really good for treating cancer. Google it, lots of information