coltsfootColtsfoot (Tussilago farfara) is a quite a popular herbal remedy in modern Europe and Asia which is used to suppress cough, relieve sore throat and other symptoms of bronchitis. The leaves and blossoms of this plant are used for various herbal teas, tinctures, syrups and infusions, which can be found in the pharmacies of the UK, Japan, Germany, France, Russia, China and many other countries of the world. At the same time, this small perennial plant from the family Asteraceae grows throughout the north, east and central regions of the United States and in the south of Canada. Therefore, those people, who frequently suffer from colds, throat irritations, chronic coughs and other related problems can gather the flowers and leaves of Coltsfoot, dry them and prepare therapeutic teas.

This herbal remedy has a great variety of therapeutic effects: anti-spacmotic, demulcent, soothing, antitussive, diuretic and so on. Active elements of Coltsfoot blossoms include mucilage, carotene and other flavonoids, tannin, arnidiol, taraxanthin, essential oils, etc., and the leaves contain zinc, glycosidal, sitosterol, inulin and so on. Before taking the products with Coltsfoot, it is essential to remember that the pyrrolizidine alkaloids containing in this plant can have negative and highly toxic effects on our liver. However, the majority of such alkaloids is destroyed when the parts of the plant are boiled.

Coltsfoot syrups and teas are very effective for relieving bronchitis attacks and the symptoms of asthma. You can use dry leaves of this plant for preparing a special tea: two table-spoons of the leaves steep in 300 ml of hot wanter and keep for 4 hours. Take 100 ml of the tea before having meal. Or, you can prepare a “fast herbal tea” using 1 teaspoon of the dried blossom and steeping it for 10-15 minutes in 250 ml of hot water. Such teas can help you strengthen your immunity and relieve the symptoms of cystitis. Coltsfoot tincture can be used for the treatment of wounds and various skin infections. Finally, some specialists recommend Coltfoot tea for improving the function of your digestive system and stimulating appetite. Do not forget to consult your health practitioner before taking Coltsfoot products on a regular basis, use this natural remedy for your benefit and be always healthy!

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    Hi. I know this plant very well. Its a very beneficial plant, one of the plants used in ELECTROPATHY SYSTEM OF ALTERNATE TREATMENT, an Italian system I studied to treat myself..

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    Hi. I know this plant very well. Its a very beneficial plant