Coffee LeavesFor many decades scientists, experts and many of healthy lifestyle fans are comparing two most popular natural beverages, organic coffee and organic tea, and speculate about their health effects and benefits for our body and mind. Both of the beverages are simply packed with a great number of healing effects, starting from stimulating and anti-oxidant activities of caffeine, and ending up with aiding detoxification and promoting weight loss. Consuming both beverages on a regular (even daily) basis is recommended by many nutritionists and health care experts. Besides of that, there is a great number of herbal teas (known also as herbal infusions) which are considered very healthy and very beneficial to our health. Some of them, including chamomile tea, rose hip tea, rooibos tea, ginger tea, lemon balm tea, or peppermint tea, can also be taken on a daily basis, in order to maximize their benefits and boost our health.

Nowadays, scientists started talking about one more herbal tea, a natural beverage with plenty of therapeutic actions and positive effects on our health. It is known as coffee leaves tea. The scientists who discovered this amazing herbal tea are convinced that this wonderful herbal tea is much healthier and much more useful than the familiar to us classic tea or coffee. Those who tried this beverage reported that it had a sort of ‘earthy’ taste, less bitter comparing to classic tea and not as strong as classic sugar-free coffee. First of all, coffer leaves tea has moderate amounts of caffeine, which is a good stimulant. Also, this natural tea has excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which are very useful to every modern person. Coffee Leaves TeaFinally, the beverage is rich in the substances which can assist in decreasing risks of cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes, the diseases which have become quite common nowadays. Those are the findings of an expert group from Montpellier, France, who analyzed coffee leaves tea made from the leaves taken from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, South-West London.

The researchers underline that due to a very high popularity of the traditional coffee made from coffee beans, herbal infusion made from coffee leaves has been overlooked for many centuries. At the same time, coffee leaves tea was quite well known and appreciated in the 19th century in South Asia and North Africa. Unfortunately, many attempts to import this wonderful beverage to Europe and the United States failed, and coffee leaves tea did not take its place among traditionally loves family type natural beverages. However, for the last decade the tea is becoming more and more popular among healthy lifestyle fans in Europe. They admit that coffee leaves tea has a little special and unusual taste, but they agree to the fact that this herbal tea can take a very strong place and play a role of an effective rival for traditional English tea or traditional coffee loved by millions of people around the world.

During the reported study, the researchers analyzed 23 types of coffee leaves, and found that all of those have very powerful health benefits. According to Dr Aaron Davies, the study leader, all species of coffee leaves they analyzed proved to be excellent sources of mangiferin, a substance that exists in plenty in mangoes and other tropic fruits, known for its positive effects on cholesterol levels, reduce type 2 diabetes risk, support chemical processes in our brain and improve the function of our nervous system. However, the study leader underlined, that the main benefit of the tea is definitely high antioxidant content of this herbal infusion, which can effectively prevent many types of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, premature aging, and plenty of other serious health conditions. Detailed report about the research and plenty of relevant information about coffee leaves tea can be found in one of the recent issues of the journal Annals of Botany.

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