CoocaCocoa is an excellent and very healthy food with numerous health benefits suitable for both children and adults. As a recent study suggests, a regular cocoa consumption is linked to improved brain function and better memory. On the background of increasing cases of Alzheimer’s disease and other mental disorders linked to aging and not only to it, these findings about positive effects of adding cocoa to our daily diet definitely have a great meaning. At that, scientists underline that the earlier we start using such ‘cocoa treatment’ to strengthen our brain function, the less chances we have to suffer from mental disorders and related health conditions.

A group of scientists led by  Dr David Camfield, a specialist at the Center for Human Psychopharmacology at Swinburne University, carried out a series of trials and came to the above mentioned conclusions. During the trials, 63 participants aged between 40 and 65 were divided into 2 groups. One group was asked to drink 1 cup of cocoa every day for 30 days, and the other group was not drinking cocoa. Brain FunctionIn 30 days, the participants were offered small screening tests, based mostly on keeping in mind the location of the dots on PC screens.

The scientists found out that those participants who were given cocoa drink had to spend less brain power to solve the tests. In particular, it became apparent that while working on the tests,  the frontal and posterior parietal areas of the brain of the participants from the cocoa group were considerably less active compared to the ones of the participants from the control group. “It suggests that they were processing the tasks more efficiently when they were taking the cocoa flavanols,” Dr David Camfield says.

The discovered therapeutic properties of cocoa are attributed to a high content of natural flavonoids which also exist in the foods like apples, grapes, black and green tea, and so on. Thus, the findings suggest that the flavonoids in cocoa can protect against common brain fatigue, improve our brain function and mental abilities, as well as lower the risks of suffering from a great variety of mental disorders. The research was sponsored by one of the world’s largest manufacturers of chocolate. Those who are interested and want to read more about it can find a detailed report in the latest issue of the journal Physiology & Behaviour.

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