Chronic StressesWe all know that slight stresses can play a positive role and do good for us by stimulating our abilities to focus and find effective solutions, generate innovative ideas and so on. But the same can’t be said about chronic stresses: they are very harmful and every one who is constantly affected by chronic stresses should be aware about increased risks of many diseases, like mental disorders, heart disease and so on.

Moreover, the specialists from Anderson Cancer Center in Houston are convinced that prolonged exposure to chronic and acute stresses, as well as prolonged depression, is associated with the environment favorable for cancer and tumor development. For many years the world’s leading scientists were proposing similar theories, but only now this theory found scientific evidence in biological context.

DepressionThe team of the scientists was studying the effects of stress hormones on various types of cancer. According to Anil Sood M.D. from The University of Texas, one of the leaders of the research, the people who suffer from stresses and depression have increased amounts of protein called Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK). Excessive amounts of this protein favor cancer cell formation.

In addition to that, according to the finding of the study, those people who are affected by prorogued depression and chronic stresses develop certain modification of a protein called norepinephrine, which also stimulated cancer cell formation. The scientists are sure that their research will help to find an effective remedy for these consequences of chronic stresses and depression. “We’re really trying to understand the biology. We hope it will help us identify better therapeutic strategies,” says Sood. For more information, check out April issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

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