Using ChopsticksThe Manhattan Island in New York is famous for its amazing shopping opportunities for wealthy people, that is why in Manhattan one can easily meet a celebrity or a model running from one fashion boutique to another. Also, Manhattan is a home for the world’s most sophisticated and elite restaurants which are open for those who come to enjoy the opportunities of this paradise. Certainly, eating in expensive restaurants does not aid weight loss, that is why recently a new special diet known as the Manhattan Diet was created to assist expensive food fans keep their body in shape. Eileen Daspin, a writer and the main ideologist behind the new diet plan, describes the aim of her diet as the following: ‘taste everything but eat almost nothing’!

The Manhattan Diet has many interesting suggestions, and using chopsticks is definitely one of those. Eileen Daspin is convinced that eating with chopsticks can result in eating less, this way preventing overeating, lowering our calorie consumption and taking benefits from more effective weight loss efforts. The expert says that by using chopsticks we can take only very small amounts of foods, but get fuller faster and with less calories consumed. Another important idea is cutting up on various sauces, especially fatty and sweet ones. Eating With ChopsticksSuch sauces are packed with saturated fats, sugars, artificial ingredients, and many other very unhealthy substances. The same should be done with so called ‘trigger foods’ like peanut butter, which should not be kept in the kitchen at all.

Along with using chopsticks, the Manhattan diet promotes one more very interesting approach to losing weight and control our calorie consumption. Eileen Daspin suggests adding some milk to our green tea and receive a great natural appetite suppressant. She says that using such kind of beverage is very useful, and the beverage itself tastes like melted down green-tea ices cream. She also insists on the idea of using water or ice for diluting alcoholic drinks we consume from time to time, as well as using special crackers made from whole grains as a healthy snack. She is convinced that using such crackers we can also benefit from their appetite suppressant effects and decrease our calorie intake.

Eileen Daspin had certain problems with maintaining healthy weight, that is why all her pieces of advice like eating with chopsticks or adding milk to green tea are properly tested and supported with her own experience. The main advice she gives to those who want to lose weight but do not want to give up on their favorite foods is eating virtually everything but in very small quantities. The writer underlines that quality of the foods we are consuming is a very significant factor, and it is always better consume less amounts of higher quality food compared to large amounts of lower quality alternative. Thus, it is better to spend our money on buying more expensive and higher quality foods, Daspin concludes.

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