chocolateA couple of weeks ago, a group of scientists from one of the leading medical institutions of Israel released a very interesting and exciting statement. According to the findings of their study, it turned out that eating a little bit of chocolate or, for example, some chocolate cake as a part of our breakfast can help us shed pounds. Most of us will say that it sounds way too good to be true. However, Israeli experts are convinced that starting our day with some small dose of cocoa rich foods can assist in boosting up our metabolism and effectively provide our body with energy we need for our daily activities.

It is actually a known fact that in the morning our metabolism enters the most active phase, and morning is the time when our body collects energy and accumulates calories to spend during the day. Also, some previous studies have shown that eating sweet foods like cookies or a piece of cake can be good not only for providing our body with a proper amount of energy, chocolate rich breakfastbut also this can help to supply our body with good amounts of carbs and sweet substances this way lowering our cravings for sweet foods which we would be experiencing during the day.

The study led by Prof Jakubowicz of Tel Aviv University, involved working with 193 adults, both males and females, diagnosed with various stages of obesity, but non-diabetic. The participants were split into two groups: the members of one group were offered a low calorie breakfast of no more than 300 cal, and the members of the other group were offered a 600-calorie breakfast, with some chocolate dessert. In 16 weeks, it turned out that the members of both groups managed to lose 33 lbs on average. However, it was a great surprise when during the next 16 weeks the members of the first low-calorie breakfast group started gaining weight, but the members of chocolate-breakfast group went on losing weight.

By the end of the research those participants who had been offered a high calorie breakfast rich in cocoa products have managed to lose about 40 lbs on average. In addition to that, the scientists interviewed the participants and could not help noticing: consuming small doses of cocoa products like chocolate or chocolate cake in the morning led to a better emotional condition and the absence of feeling hungry all day long.  A low calorie breakfast caused very strong further cravings for food and especially sweet foods. Finally, according to the report about this study, published earlier this month in journal Steroids, the members of chocolate-rich breakfast were much more successful in keeping off the pounds they managed to shed.

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