natural superfoodsAs an ardent chocolate lover, I could not skip this news and give up the pleasure of sharing it with you, my dear readers. According to British nutrition experts, dark chocolate (over 65% of cocoa) should be considered AS RICH in health promoting antioxidants AS all known natural sources of these compounds: cranberries, blueberries, pomegranate and others. That is why we can now say that our favorite dark chocolate has joined the legion of top natural superfoods! Wonderful!

British nutritionists united their efforts with American scientists at Hershey’s Center for Health and Nutrition and studied antioxidant content of the above mentioned natural sources of these compounds, as well as dark chocolate. To a great surprise of the specialists, a small 40g bar of high quality dark chocolate topped in all tests related to antioxidant content and made all known natural antioxidant sources fall far behind. However, the same can not be said about liquid chocolate because antioxidants have a tend to go away during processing.

One of the study leaders, Dr. Debra Miller comments on the results as the following: “Cocoa powder provides nutritive value beyond that derived from its  macronutrient composition. Cocoa seeds should be considered a “superfruit” and products derived from  cocoa seed extracts, such as natural cocoa powder and dark chocolate as  superfoods.” Definitely, chocolate is not a low calorie type of foods, however, now we’ve got a very powerful reason to enjoy it on a regular basis, though in small amounts!! Read more about the findings of this positive research in the Chemistry Central Journal.

Author Info: Hi! My name is Carla and I am a 5th year medical student at HYMS. I am interested in alternative medicine and I have done months researching the topic of herbal medicine. Besides, I like interviewing people and learning more about their experiences with one or another type of herbal treatments. I am willing to contribute to this site with my knowledge, and I would be happy to help you out to the best of my ability with any specific questions or problems related to alternative medicine.

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