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October 9, 2013

chocolateDark chocolate is the best and the most delicious natural remedy I’ve ever known. It’s a music to my ears when scientists are talking about positive effects and curative effects of cocoa beans and high quality chocolate. This miraculous product is good for our health since it can protect us against destructive activities of free radicals, thus slow down negative changes in our body tissues linked to aging. This includes cellular degeneration which results in formation of cancer cells and tumors. High quality chocolate with over 70 per cent of cocoa is a great remedy to reduce our risks of increased cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other serious cardiovascular diseases. All we need to do is consume only 25-39 grams of a high quality chocolate on a daily basis. Read the rest of this entry »

October 1, 2013

WalnutsWalnuts are undoubtedly among the healthiest and nutrient-richest natural products. They are on the list of the best foods for brain, thus they can be used to boost our brain function, improve our memory and reduce the risks for serious dementia like brain disorders including Alzheimer’s disease. Walnuts are also on the list of 7 most recommended foods for men’s health. Walnuts are considered excellent natural sources of omega 3 acids, meaning that these nuts can reduce our bad cholesterol levels and substantially reduce our risks for serious cardiovascular diseases. The most recent studies found out that walnuts can help in reducing the risks for breast cancer and also lower our diabetes risk for about 25 per cent. Those are just a few of numerous health benefits of walnuts, and all we need in order to enjoy those is consuming 4-5 grilled or roasted walnuts a day. Read the rest of this entry »

September 26, 2013

orange juiceIn our times, people are very much concerned about their health, and most if us are trying to do everything possible to reduce our risks for such serious diseases like heart attack, a stroke, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and so on. We try to watch our daily diet and use various foods with excellent natural protective qualities. Those include mainly the foods rich in natural antioxidants and fatty acids, but also organic fruits and vegetables rich in minerals, vitamins, and natural essential nutrients. Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness of consuming broccoli, green tea, cocoa beans, or tomatoes as very effective natural protection for numerous types of cancer. According to the latest findings, organic orange juice can also be added to the list of antioxidant rich foods. Read the rest of this entry »

September 20, 2013

BroccoliAn effective cancer treatment and cancer prevention technologies are currently among the main and topical issues of modern medical science, and numerous research groups are looking for innovative solutions to reduce cancer risks in modern people. The scientists are trying to find effective compounds or combinations of the compounds in order to prevent, stop, or at least slow down the development of cancer cells in human body, giving us a hope to receive a great cure for this terrible disease as soon as possible. Experts study the best known natural antioxidant and anti-cancer remedies like green tea, cocoa beans, broccoli, oranges, tomatoes, and others. Recently, a group of scientists found out that a compound extracted from broccoli can be a key ingredient for prostate cancer prevention therapy. Read the rest of this entry »

September 9, 2013

SeaweedThe word ‘antioxidant’ is mentioned so repeatedly nowadays, and it is hardly possible to find someone who has never heard about the effects and benefits of antioxidants. As it becomes quite clear from the name of the elements, antioxidants are the compounds which can create an effective protection against negative actions of oxidative stress, or increasing amounts of oxygen in our cells which takes place as we age. As a result of oxidative stress various degenerative processes start in our cells. Those are linked with simple aging of cells, or, in the worst case scenario, with developing faulty cells known as cancer cells or tumors. That is why antioxidants are highly valued as very effective solutions for preventing various types of cancer. Read the rest of this entry »

September 2, 2013

KiwiBoth kids and adults like kiwi fruits. These refreshing sweet fruits are very common foods we have on our tables. We use them as ingredients of our fruit salads and as an element of decoration for our cakes, puddings, and other desserts. Kiwi fruits are known sources of essential minerals and nutrients, especially vitamin C (some studies have proven that kiwis contain more vitamin C than oranges). Also, kiwi fruits are highly valued for their increased content on omega 3 fatty acids which can be found in kiwi fruit seeds, and natural flavonoids, common antioxidants with the properties to protect our cells from aging-linked degeneration, including serious brain disorders and many common types of cancer. Check out more info about antioxidant powers of kiwi fruits here. Read the rest of this entry »