gingerAlong with such natural remedies as green tea, aloe vera, ginkgo biloba, almond oil, garlic, and others, ginger belongs to the group of the most valuable and effective herbal remedies, which can give us a helping hand when fighting against a great variety of diseases and ailments. Ginger tea is an excellent remedy for colds, for minor digestive problems, for morning sickness, motion disease and so on. It can be used for pain control as a natural painkiller and a potent anti-inflammatory agent. In addition to this everything, the findings of the latest study suggest that ginger may possess good anti-cancer properties and assist in preventing colon cancer.

A group of scientists at the University of Michigan Medical School worked with 30 volunteers which were divided into 2 groups. One was prescribed to have 2 g of ginger root powder daily within 4 weeks, and the other group was given placebo. Cancer Fighting Properties Of GingerCancer-fighting properties of ginger were revealed through the ability of ginger supplement to lower certain indications of inflammation in the colon of the participants. The mentioned types of inflammations are linked to physical changes on cellular levels, as well as the development of cancerous cells in human colon.

The ginger was able to decrease the level of inflammatory markers in the gut tissue, compared to the placebo,” Suzanna M. Zick, one of the chief researchers of┬áthe University of Michigan Medical School, comments to the media. “It decreases inflammation. We know that increased inflammation, chronic inflammation in the gut tissue is highly associated with developing precancerous lesions, or cancerous polyps.” Recently published, the findings of American experts received a very vivid reaction of health care specialists around the world, and most of them are certain that the discovered anti-cancer actions of ginger could become a subject of other researches.

This is not the first study resulted with finding new evidence about good cancer-fighting properties of ginger. A number of experiments on mice and rats have shown that ginger supplements can assist in preventing the development of tumors, and it can be especially effective for colon cancer prevention. It is believed that ginger and its properties can give maximum effects when ginger is consumed with an Asian-type diet. Those who want to learn more about the experiments and the findings of this interesting study sponsored by by the National Cancer Institute, can check out one of the latest issues of Cancer Prevention Research magazine.

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    I also believe in using all natural herbs for the best results in treating the body before and after the condition arises. There are no side effects with using herbs. They are all natural, which is what your body is. Herbs are safe, no chemicals to enter your body. Trust and use all natural herbs.