Buy green coffee beansThe connections between caffeine consumption and weight loss were known before. However, only recently a few studies were conducted in order to find out if there are grounds to believe that using green coffee for weight loss is a good decision. The concept like green coffee hit the market just recently, and green coffee is nothing else but unroasted coffee beans. Certainly, a great deal of people find the taste of usual roasted coffee beans richer and fuller, but many heard about health benefits of green coffee beans like lowering blood pressure and preventing diabetes mellitus. That is why some are trying to switch to this healthy product and buy green coffee beans, for the sake of remaining healthier but still enjoying their favorite drink.

According to the findings of a recent study, sponsored by Applied Food Sciences, consuming green coffee beans on a daily basis can assist us greatly in maximizing out weight loss efforts. A group of experts at the University of Scranton conducted an extensive experiment lasting for over 5 months. For this period of time, 16 volunteers, overweight women and men aged between 22 and 46, who agreed to test green coffee bean supplement therapy, managed to lose an average amount of 17 pounds. Green Coffee For Weight LossDaily intake of certain doses of green coffee bean extract allowed them receiving these amazing results, without any changes or restrictions in their daily diet (which was certainly healthy but not too harsh), as well as with certain moderate amounts of daily exercise and physical activities.

Along with studying the effectiveness of green coffee for weight loss, the scientists also experimented with the doses of green coffee supplement. Two doses were offered to the group of volunteers, a 700-mg dose, and a 1050-mg dose. To see the results clearer, there was also a control group of the participants who were given placebo. In 5 months, it turned out that the members of the group who were given the highest dose of green coffee supplement managed to lose the most of extra weight. Those who were given moderate doses also managed to show good results. And, finally, the members of placebo-fed group could not achieve any proper result. At that, overall body mass of the participants decreased over 10 per cent, and the average amount of fat decreased over 16 per cent.

These magic effects of green coffee for weight loss should be attributed to chlorogenic acid, a compound of green coffee beans. Dr. Joe Vinson, the study leader and the University of Scranton chemist, says that this natural substance can slow down glucose consumption, and roasting causes breaking down substantial amounts of chlorogenic acid. Dr. Vinson underlines that more studies should be carried out in order to confirm or disconfirm this hypothesis, and it can be a very interesting finding which can be a start for mew revolutionary treatments for obesity. Many nutrition experts recommend using green coffee as a natural healthy product, to prevent weight gain and many health conditions. You can buy green coffee beans and prepare your special cup of healthy green coffee for weight loss yourself and for your loved ones!

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