broccoliBroccoli is definitely among the most miraculous natural superfoods. In addition to its powerful anti-cancer properties, this food is very rich in vitamin C, therefore, it can assist in respiratory problem prevention, boosting the function of the immune system, as well as aiding iron absorption. Regular consumption of broccoli is inked to better blood pressure, lower LDL cholesterol level in blood, lower chances of developing osteoporosis, and various other health benefits. According to the latest scientific findings, broccoli can also aid in cleaning harmful bacteria from the lungs.

When we breathe and during other functional activities of our lungs, some particles, debris, bacteria and other things can remain or built up in the lungs and cause various infections. That is why we have a special cleaning system in the lungs which works through macrophages (while blood cells) removing the bacteria and debris. It is especially important for smokers, or for those people who suffer from lung infections, including bronchitis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), very often.

broccoliA group of specialists at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, leaded by Shyam Biswal, carried out a series of experiments and found out that macrophage activities tend to decrease under the effects of tobacco smoking or other factors. Furthermore, they found out that sulphoraphane, a special chemical compound that can be found in cauliflower or broccoli, can restore the activities of macrophages and assist in cleaning bacteria and other harmful elements from the lungs.

The first part of experiments involved exposing defective macrophages taken from the lungs of 43 volunteers with COPD to several bacteria strains, and it was noticed that in the presence of sulphoraphane, the activities of macrophages on bacteria recognition and removal was boosted. Then, the scientists exposed two groups of mice to tobacco smoke, which caused the presence of certain bacteria similar to the ones in people with COPD. in the lungs of the mice. After exposure to sulphoraphane, it was obvious that bacteria clearance in mice increased.

Finally, the last stage of the experiment has started during which the compound effects are being tested on people with COPD. It will take time to receive more convincing results, though it’s definitely worth to wait. Biswal says: “There are many diseases that have defective lung function as a result of increased bacterial function in the lungs, so this study can be extrapolated to those diseases too.” So, beneficial effects of a sulforaphane-rich diet from improving the lung function can be extended to other diseases as well. Read more about this study and the findings in Science Translational Medicine.


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