Eating Less CaloriesIn our times, the issues and problems of healthy nutrition, healthy diet plans and choosing healthy foods for our daily diet are a focus of huge public attention. Tens of millions of people around the world are looking for correct and scientifically proven information on healthy diet recommendations, healthy lifestyle tips, or related expert opinions. It is known that nowadays, extreme amounts of carbs, fats, sugar, and calories we all consume on a daily basis, along with other important factors, have led to increased obesity rates, increased rates of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, as well as other serious social health tendencies. That is why many of us are regularly checking out for effective ways and approaches which can help us consume less calories, decrease fat deposit formation in our body and lower our chances to suffer from extra weight related risks.

Those who usually eat too much in order to feel full and are thinking about the necessity of eating less calories can use a newly developed strategy offered by a group of scientists from Sheffield Hallam University. They found out that adding to our diet a little of the foods like whole-grain bread and seaweed can help us lower our daily calorie consumption. For example, using a healthy slice of bread with some seaweed (possibly ground) for breakfast can be a great and very smart idea for starting a brand new day, as well is allowing your body enjoy the benefits of this duo and consume less calories during the day. Consume Less CaloriesThe research of Sheffield experts was based on the objective to study the benefits of low-sodium diet, and it included a series of experiments with 80 healthy men aged between 18 to 65, who suffered from small to moderate level overweight problem.

Whole-grain bread was chosen as a great example of low-sodium diet food. The participants of the experiment were divided into 2 groups, one of which was for one week fed with the bread baked with a little bit of salt, and another group was fed with bread baked without salt but with a little of seaweed. The rest of the diet and the types of the foods consumed were exactly the same for all the participants. After just one week it turned out that those who were given a combo of bread and seaweed started consuming about 170-179 fewer calories compared to other group members. This amount of calories is equal to the number of calories an average healthy man can lose after a moderate 25-minute workout on a treadmill.

According to the scientists, in addition to eating less calories, consuming bread with seaweed also caused imrpoved blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the participants. This new interesting discovery can have a great perspective for creating a new approach in weight loss. ‘We hope to undertake long-term trials, which are needed in order to potentially produce such results,’ said Anna Hall, one of the study leaders and a lecturer in nutrition subject at Sheffield Hallam University. Many nutritionists talk about the benefits of eating seaweed as a great salt substitute which go way beyond the opportunity to consume less calories. Seaweed is a healthy natural product rich in minerals like iodine and other nutrients.

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