September 28, 2011

benefits of vitamin B4Vitamin B4 also known as adenine is a water soluble vitamin and a member of vitamin B complex. This vitamin, its functions and properties are not too very well researched and analyzed, and, generally speaking, this vitamin is mostly known for its function to speed up the processes of producing energy in our body. That is why it is essential to provide our body with this important vitamin that can be done by adding sufficient amounts of food sources of Vitamin B4 to our daily diet.

Adenine is also considered a purine derivative, which is a necessary element for proper protein synthesis and related chemical processes. Besides, vitamin B4 is an key component of DNA and RNA, nucleic acids that carry very valuable and unique genetic information about everyone of us. Along with proteins, these acids are principal for normal development and functioning of any human body or other living organisms and all forms of life on earth.

food sources of vitamin B4In addition to the above mentioned, there are other important functions and benefits of Vitamin B4. This chemical compound promotes cell formation and normal development of body tissues. It is a vitamin that can assist in strengthening our immune system and improving our body’s ability to resist infections. Vitamin B4 can aid in balancing blood sugar levels, prevent cell degeneration and mutations, slow down the activities of free radicals and prevent aging.

Also, adenine plays a very important role in biochemical processes linked to cell metabolism. In combination with sugar ribose, adenine forms such compound as adenosine, which further participates in formation of adenosine triphosphate, adenosine diphosphate, and adenosine monophosphate. These nucleotides are supposed to take part in the propagation of many hormonal stimuli. Vitamin B4 can be found as an element of various coenzymes in human body, which combine with vitamins to produce good amounts of energy. As it was said before, it is one of the main benefits of Vitamin B4.

Food sources of vitamin B4 include mainly whole grains like cereals and breads. However, it is possible to enrich the body with this vitamin by consuming such products as propolis, bee pollen, raw unprocessed honey, etc. Also, good amounts of Vitamin B4 exist in most fresh fruit and veggies. There are very potent and effective herbal sources of this valuable vitamin. Those herbal remedies include kelp,  hops, burdock, cloves, thyme, sage, catnip, ginger, spearmint, rose hips, capsicum (cayenne), jojoba, hawthorn, caraway, couch grass, mullein, golden seal, blue cohosh, yucca, blessed thistle, cascara sagrada, lady’s slipper, and others.

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    The advice is very simple: eat fresh organic vegetables and fruit every day, and your body will be provided with a full variety of nutrients you need.