benefits of reverse runningIt is possible to lose weight effectively only by combining a healthy low calorie diet with good amount of exercise and physical activities. But which of the exercises should we choose to shed pounds as fast as possible? Experts say that regular outdoor exercises and activities like jogging, cycling, hiking or playing football are the best choice for those who are working on reducing own body mass. According to Karl Twomey, such type of outdoor activities as running backwards can also serve us very good for speeding up weight loss and becoming more fit in a short period of time. What are the other benefits of reverse running?

Backward running should not be considered a new and revolutionary approach to weight loss. This unusual type of physical activities evoked vivid public interest back in the 70s of the last century. It was one of the most common therapy methods recommended to professional athletes who were recovering after serious injuries. Physicians are sure that this technique can lower the impact on a person’s joints, that’s why it can be used even after severe injuries of low back and knees. Actually, reverse running is very often used as a part of routine training for the athletes who play hockey or other team sports.

reverse running benefitsKarl Twomey started discovering numerous benefits of reverse running about a half year ago, when he was training for the London Marathon. According to the specialist, not only reduced impact on our spine or joins and burning more calories are the main advantages of running backwards.  “Your balance improves and so does your peripheral vision — and even your hearing as you become more attuned to what’s happening around you,” the expert says. “And it also gives you toned muscles.”

More of the reverse running benefits were found by international specialists. In particular, a study at the University of Oregon in the U.S. have shown that in order to get all physical benefits of these activities, reverse runners should run only at about 80% of the speed of usual forward runners. Another research at the Stellenbosch University in Capetown have indicated very powerful cardiovascular benefits of reverse running. Six-week long experiments have shown that those who worked on a special backward running program have managed to lost over 2.5% more body fat than those who were involved in traditional running activities.

According to one more backward running expert, James Bamber, reverse running benefits include also strengthening our food mucles and improving our posture. Bamber says that one lap of backward running is equal to six laps of forward running, and making just 100 steps in revers equals to making 1,000 steps ahead. If you want to become a reverse running enthusiast, practice every day and meet dozens of your fellow joggers in Crystal Palace Park, South-East London. In addition, you can join the first UK backward-running championship to be held in August 2011 in Manchester.

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